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    REPORT: Spencer Stuart tasked with finding new GM CEO

    Headhunting firm Spencer Stuart is without doubt on the speed-dial lists of bailed-out firms, having placed chairmen, CEOs, Chrysler Group LLC, and board members for AIG, Citigroup Inc., Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and GMAC. Then they flew over General Motors so that Ed Whitacre, Jr. could heli-drop ...

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    GM discusses brand strategy, opens bag, releases cats

    GM President Frtiz Henderson came squeaky clean about the state of GM's brand portfolio, hurdles and losses. On the issue of too many brands, he admitted that the reason GM still has so many is that it is simply too expensive to kill any one of them. GM spent almost a billion large putting ...

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    Would GM really kill its mid-size SUVs?

    These are trying times for GM, so it's only natural that decisions made today will suddenly be in flux tomorrow. First RWD platforms were on hold, then they weren't on hold, then some were pushed back. Now it's reported that GM will be "taking a hard look" at the vehicles supposed to replace ...


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