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China-based Foton Motors and Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor will combine their collective knowledge to open the Foton-Freescale Automotive Joint Lab. The lab will focus on developing software and system-level solutions for use in upcoming Foton vehicles. Both companies will collaboratively work towards developing relevant electronic control technology for applications that included hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs). By focusing on electronics and, more specifically, on software developmen

Over the last thirty years, automakers have managed to eliminate roughly 99 percent of noxious emissions from the tailpipes of new cars. One of the keys to make that possible has been closed loop control of fuel systems. What this means is that sensors are used in a variety of locations, including the intake and exhaust tracts, to measure the airflow and concentrations of oxygen in the exhaust stream. Fuel delivery is then adjusted in real-time based on the signals from those sensors.

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