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    Report: Bristol hybrid supercar waiting in the wings

    The denouement is happening in geologic time, but it looks like historic British carmaker Bristol will be resurrected with a hybrid supercar courtesy of another historic former British carmaker, Frazer-Nash. Four years ago, Frazer-Nash, now a Swiss company specializing in hybrid and alternative ...

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    Rumormill: Bristol working on 200-mph electric supercar?

    Bristol has been in the news lately due to due a serious 'down' (bankruptcy) and a last-minute 'up' (saved by Frazer-Nash). Now, the British automaker is once again making headlines, and this time, it's because of a decidedly ambitious plan. Britain's Evo magazine has gotten wind of the company's ...

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    Report: Bristol Cars saved by... Frazer-Nash?!

    Ill-fated Bristol Cars has reportedly been rescued from the perils of administration by an unlikely savior. Kamkorp Autokraft, a Swiss company that's part of the Frazer-Nash empire, officially bought the British automaker after it was forced to make 22 members of its 25 person staff redundant ...


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