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    Say it ain't so: Ford Falcon could go front-wheel drive

    "You guys are obsessed with rear wheel drive," Alan Mulally mused to the Australian press after a browbeating about which pair of wheels might propel the Falcon into the future. Try as they might, the Ford Chief would not be pinned down about the chassis architecture of future Falcons, saying only ...

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    I want my FPV: Super sedans hit the desert in new TV spot

    Click above for photo gallery. Follow the jump for the video.Ford Performance Vehicles' new range of Ford FG Falcon-derived super sedans and utes is mind-bendingly appealing. Big turbocharged or NA power, bright colors, and that menacing Alice Cooper eye makeup in front make for an entire farmer's ...

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    Pics Aplenty: The new FPV range launches Down Under

    Click above for high-res gallery of the FPV F6, more galleries after the jumpFPV's seemingly endless rollout of its new FG Falcon-based lineup has finally culminated in the actual launch of the cars (how novel), which we've already touched upon. To that end, we'll keep this brief and turn you loose ...

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    Melbourne 2008: New FPV lineup shows the Blue Oval does badass, too

    Click image for a hi-res gallery of the turbocharged FPV F6Despite how it might seem, all the action at the Melbourne motor show is not happening over at the Holden and HSV stands. Dearborn's Australian outpost put on its brass knuckles too and is teasing Melbourne showgoers with Ford Performance ...

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    The new FPV GT shows up in an Alice Cooper costume

    Click image for hi-resFPV will tease everyone with its new lineup of FG Falcon-based sedans and Utes at the Melbourne show, but the tech specs will remain under wraps until sometime closer to June, when the tire-shredders are scheduled to launch. We do know some things, though. As before, power ...

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    Australians get track-tuned FPV Falcon GT 40th Anniversary model

    Click above for hires galleryAustralia's FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original Ford Falcon GT with a special 200-car limited edition. The FPV Falcon GT 40th Anniversary is powered by Ford's Boss 290 5.4L V8. The 290 in its name refers to its power ...


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