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232Bill O'Reilly imploring everyone to get behind Tesla

Bill O'Reilly is a fan of Tesla. Calling the California car company "the one concrete thing that all responsible people should be rooting for," the popular Fox Network host is asking everyone to ignore the green lobby, the politics of global warming and dim opinions of alternative energy, declaring, "If Tesla can make a clean car, the entire automotive industry can. Therefore the air would be cleaner everywhere, and our wallets thicker. So let's get on it, people."

15Daytona 500 rain delay leads to confusion, but a winner is crowned anyway [spoilers]

One of the sponsors of yesterday's Daytona 500 NASCAR race broadcast on Fox was the movie Noah - yeah, the same Noah who had to build an ark to get through the worst rain delay ever. Fitting, then, that this year's race would be halted after 38 laps due to severe rain and the threat of even more dire weather. The interruption lasted a little more than six hours, during which time Fox aired a replay of the 2013 race, along with a crawling caption along the bottom of the screen that read, "You are

41NBC recaptures NASCAR coverage through 2024

NASCAR has pared its broadcasts down to two providers - Fox and NBC. According to a report from USA Today, the recently inked deal will give the Peacock Network exclusive rights to the last 20 Sprint Cup races, the last 19 Nationwide races, all K&N and Whelen Modified races, the NASCAR Toyota Mexico series, Hall of Fame and banquet ceremonies, live-streams for both Sprint Cup and Nationwide races, and Spanish broadcasting rights on Telemundo and Mun2. Got all that?

73Speed to veer away from cars, turn into all-sports network?

For anyone who tuned to Speed over the weekend, you may have noticed a new Fox Sports logo looming at the bottom of the screen. According to SB Nation, this could be a bad sign for motorsports fans as it seems to verify rumors that Fox is on the verge of changing Speed into an all-sports network like ESPN.

53All of a sudden, Fox's Neil Cavuto likes electric cars?

To quote Bill Murray from Ghostbusters: "Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!"

87NASCAR coverage going Spanish, including Daytona 500 live en EspaƱol

In order to combat declining attendance at races, NASCAR is looking to tap into a new demographic of fans by teaming up with Fox Deportes to attract more Latino race fans. Starting with the 2013 season, Fox Deportes will provide coverage for 15 Sprint Cup races including six live races as well as creating original programs and news updates for the sport.

183Fox News vs. the Chevy Volt

Political agenda trumps Volt facts on "fair and balanced" channel

10Alcatraz recreating Bullit chase scene for season finale

Of all the excellent car chases in cinema history, the Dodge Charger vs. Ford Mustang battle in Steve McQueen's Bullit may be the most recreated. Now it looks like the crew from the TV show Alcatraz has tried its hand at paying homage to the hubcap slinging sequence. According to local news station KTVU Channel 2, the new FOX series recently spent hours on San Francisco's Bay and Larkin streets in an attempt to painstakingly replicate each legendary scene using modern interpretations of the famo

100Fox News hates on GM for forcing employees into Chevy Volt. Wait, what's that?

We'll give the intrepid personalities over at Fox News a bit of credit for catching themselves mid-mistake, but just take a look at this: While discussing news that GE (note that last letter, please) is buying a fleet of Chevrolet Volt hatchbacks, one of our Foxy friends (Juliet Huddy) said, "All GM employees who get a company car, well, they really don't get a choice. They're going to get a $40,000 electric car." Yes, for a few seconds, the atmosphere was awful: Just look at this pathetic car c

25Fox Marketing supercharges the Lexus CT 200h

Fox Marketing Supercharged Lexus CT 200h – Click above for high-res image gallery

17American Idol finalists team with Ford designers to create their own Fiestas

Aaron Kelly's Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery of all Top 12 American Idol Contestant designs

67Fox News criticizes - and misleads viewers on - Tesla, Fisker DOE loans

Fox News on Fisker, Teska DOE loans - Click above to watch the videos after the jump

73REPORT: NASCAR seen fretting over ratings drop

According to Nielsen, ratings for NASCAR on Fox are down by an alarming 11.5% so far this year, and while we're sure that many NASCAR haters will suggest that it's just not that interesting watching non-stock "stock cars" turning left over and over again as they circle oval tracks, race organizers and TV ratings researchers believe there's much more to the decline in viewership than that.

AddFox's 24 to go carbon neutral

We haven't ever seen any specific statistics outlining the carbon emissions from car crash and car chase sequences filmed for movies or television, but it can't be good. In our current environmentally-aware global climate, movie and television studios must realize that their actions will be scrutinized, so it's not surprising to see a growing number of productions making attempts to offset their carbon emissions.

AddBlueMotion arrives in Brazil and gets local (ethanol) flavor

As you know, blue is the new green, at least marketing-wise. Therefore, Volkswagen has decided to offer the BlueMotion badge in Brazil, albeit adapted to the homegrown fuel from the South American continent: the Brazilian BlueMotion bagde vehicles will be powered by ethanol. BlueMotion will be an option for the Fox (pictured above), Gol and Polo models. Not much information has been released yet, although the models are currently being shown at the São Paulo Motor Show. We know that the B

66LX-Prize: 80 MPG '87 Mustang with 400 HP

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/80_MPG_Mustang_with_400_HP'; Doug Pelmar's 1987 Ford Mustang LX Coupe might have just become our favorite X-Prize competitor. How come? Well, first off, LX Coupes are awesome to begin with, but Mr. Pelmar's is even more special. Rather than neuter his 'Stang in the name of high efficiency, he's gone and created something that should contend in the X-Prize's "Mainstream" category, but would also be right at home on the pages of Muscle Mustangs and Fast For

11Brazil: VW CrossFox facelifted

Volkswagen's diminutive front-wheel-drive soft-roader, the CrossFox, available in South America and Mexico, is set to receive a mild facelift soon, according to El Diferencial. Brazil will see the revisions first. The front fascia is smoothed out following the deletion of the grille bar and the relocation of the driving lights (they're more low-profile and spaced farther apart). The CrossFox side graphic gets reduced in size and is joined by the stylized fox logo, too. And that, friends, is the

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