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    American Idol finalists team with Ford designers to create their own Fiestas

    Aaron Kelly's Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery of all Top 12 American Idol Contestant designs
    In case you hadn't noticed, Fox's hit show American Idol is back in full swing, and this is the first week that the competition has been narrowed down to the top 12 finalists. ...

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    REPORT: NASCAR seen fretting over ratings drop

    According to Nielsen, ratings for NASCAR on Fox are down by an alarming 11.5% so far this year, and while we're sure that many NASCAR haters will suggest that it's just not that interesting watching non-stock "stock cars" turning left over and over again as they circle oval tracks, race organizers ...

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    Ford teams up with American Idol on one-off, karaoke-equipped, special edition Fusion

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the American Idol Edition Ford Fusion Hybrid
    Some of use here at Autoblog gave up on American Idol a long time ago, but we're obviously the exception, because the talent show still pulls down monster ratings on a weekly basis. In this regard, AI's been a better ...

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    Toyota to 'Break' in to mobile broadcast marketing

    Toyota is going mobile-- but in a new direction. The automaker is set to announce a groundbreaking deal with Fox television involving the network's drama "Prison Break." Product placement is nothing new, for Toyota or just about any other manufacturer. But the Japanese manufacturer has signed on ...


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