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    Ferrari Four, Lamborghini Aventador reportedly sold out for 2011

    They're both Italian. They both have V12 engines with around six and a half liters of displacement and upwards of 600 horsepower driving all four wheels. They'll also both cost their affluent buyers over a third of a million dollars to get their hands on (before speculation and everything else is ...

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    Geneva 2011: Ferrari FF hatches its plot

    Ferrari FF - Click above for high-res image gallery
    A European extravagasm like the Geneva Motor Show always holds its share of oddities, be they electric beach buggies or luxury cars swathed in Pepto Bismol. They don't usually come from a company like Ferrari, but this year the Maranello ...

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    The new Ferrari Four from a different angle

    2012 Ferrari Four – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Red may be the iconic color for Ferrari, but not all Ferraris look good in the company's trademark scarlet shade. Especially the flagship four-seat GTs, like the outgoing 612 Scaglietti and the 456 GT that came before it. But just ...

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    BMW and Mercedes-Benz reportedly considering four-cylinders in US, pending new fuel economy standards

    With new CAFE regulations looming on the horizon, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are considering bringing four-cylinder models back to the States. BMW's development of new four-pots have been widely reported over the last year, with the automaker confirming work on a direct injected, twin-turbocharged four, ...

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    Four-cylinder Toyota Highlander priced at $25,705

    Click above for our high-res gallery of the 2008 Toyota HighlanderToyota has just announced pricing on the 2009 Highlander SUV with its new 4-cylinder engine. The latest entry-level model in the Highlander lineup will arrive at the dealership with a base MSRP of $25,705. That figure cleanly ...

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    Alfa brings back the Quadrifoglio Verde for dying models

    True, red-blooded Alfa Romeo fans will remember the Clover Leaf emblem, and not just from the red car in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The badge was used on Alfa's most successful racing cars and most powerful road cars. Now the Quadrifoglio Verde is coming back to grace two new top-of-the-line ...

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    4-door Ferrari Pinin to headline RM Auction at Maranello

    click above to view more images of the 1980 Ferrari Pinin show car Ferrari won't be building a four-door model now – that's what the Maserati Quattroporte, developed under Ferrari's tutelage, is for. But there was a time when Enzo himself considered the prospect. What spurred his interest ...

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    ??ber-CLS may be next from Maybach

    Any way you look at it, Maybach has not been the success DaimlerChrysler had hoped for when it revived the old super-luxury badge a few years back. Industry sources – and by industry sources, we mean our magic 8-ball and cabinet of stuffed-animal advisors – all seem to agree that the ...

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    Mercedes preparing CL Cabrio

    Click above to jump to the Ocean Drive image galleryWhen Mercedes-Benz showed us the Ocean Drive concept in Detroit, it was very clear that the enormous four-door convertible show car fell squarely into the "design study" category and not into "production preview". At the same time, like so many ...

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    Toyota Tundra fails to score five stars in NHTSA frontal crash test

    var digg_url = ''; Toyota's not having an easy time with the Tundra so far. It's been criticized for lacking a fully-boxed frame, the internet is alight with Tundra-hate, and now along comes the National ...

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    Spy Shot: Mercedes CLS facelift

    With Porsche's four-door coupe nearing production and Aston Martin readying the Rapide, it's easy to forget the one that started it all has been on the market since 2004. The shape of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is still one of most striking on the market, but DCX evidently reckons that by the time ...

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    Geneva preview: Hyundai HED-4 crossover concept

    Looks like Rinspeed won't be the only company going plastic at Geneva this year. Hyundai has released this image and a few details about the HED-4 concept crossover, after we brought you initial info a few weeks ago. The fourth Hyundai European Design project was realized in conjunction with GE ...

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    Reports: Get your MINI with AWD by 2008

    Following earlier rumors of an off-roading MINI Colorado, reports are surfacing that parent company BMW is preparing to offer all-wheel-drive on the full MINI range by 2008. The rumors stem from this week's edition of the German weekly Auto Motor und Sport, which stated that the upcoming ...

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    Dutch Treat: Spyker to unveil production SUV and concept four-door at Geneva

    Those zaney Dutchmen over at Spyker have a couple of tricks up their sleeves for us at next month's Geneva show. The quirky exotic carmaker currently offers only one model, the Audi-powered C8 sportscar, but after acquiring their own F1 team with Ferrari-supplied engines, they're ready to triple ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Mercedes shows Ocean Drive concept...on ice

    Click the image above for a full-sized gallery. var digg_url = ''; Mercedes-Benz put on an Icecapades-style show here at Detroit, simultaneously celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the all-wheel-drive ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Toyota unveils Tundra CrewMax

    click on image above to view 68 high-resolution images of the Tundra CrewMax Constantly pushing to increase its stake in the US market, Toyota debuted in Detroit today the Tundra CrewMax, a spy shot of which we brought you a month ago. The CrewMax is a full four-door version of the company's new, ...

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    BMW's CLS-fighter for 2009

    The four-door coupe is a trend that only seems to be growing. Mercedes, of course, was the first (and remains the only) company to get one on the market with the CLS. Volkswagen and Audi are working on their own. Porsche's upcoming Panamera will take a similar approach. Aston Martin showed us its ...


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