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    Video: What happens in an Internet car forum

    A day in the life of an Internet car forum – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Forums are great places for the like-minded to gather and to get information from those who know a subject best. They can also, as comically demonstrated in this vid, be great places for non-enthusiast ...

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    PWNED: Kid tries to pass off CLS 55 AMG as his own, gets caught

    Some people are just pathological. At first, it was amusing that Fresh C280, a member of the MDStreetScene forums, would claim to own a Mercedes CLS55 AMG. How a 19-year-old affords a car that normally retails for around $100,000 is the first thing that made everyone on the forum suspicious. A ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #83

    Autoblog Podcast #83 was judiciously held back until after the embargo cleared, but we can now talk freely. The biggest news this week is the official unveiling of the Corvette ZR-1/Blue Devil. Powered by the new LS9 supercharged small-block, the car's performance is sure to be astounding. After ...

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    Detroit '08 Preview: Nissan FORUM Concept

    click image for high-res gallery of the Nissan FORUM Concept var digg_url = ''; Next month in Detroit, Nissan will show the world the FORUM, a minivan design study that probably hints at styling cues and features ...

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    Nissan releases another new interior sketch of Forum Concept

    click image to enlarge and view more sketches of the Nissan Forum ConceptWe bring you the third sketch of the Forum Concept to be officially released by Nissan ahead of the vehicle's debut at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. As we've reported previously, the Forum is a ...

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    Nissan FORUM concept to debut at Detroit

    Click image to enlargeNissan has a new family-hauler concept lined up for the upcoming Detroit Auto Show called the FORUM. The vannish machine boasts trackless sliders, no B-pillar and maybe hints at what's in store for car buyers when the current Quest ultimately runs its course. In addition to ...

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    Toyota expresses regret for Tundra camshaft failures on internet forums

    Our good buddy Mike Levine over at has updated his report on the story surrounding the failure of 20 camshaft in the 2007 Toyota Tundra's 5.7L V8 engine. Levine noticed that Toyota has already posted on two internet forums expressing regret to Tundra owners over the incident. Though ...

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    Forum busts hit and run RSX

    var digg_url = ''; Take one part Acura RSX, add two parts moron, a pinch of speed, whoops, too much! Crashing into someone and speeding away is a bad idea in any case, but with the internet shrinking the globe, it's especially dumb now. ...

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    VIDEO: A New York Minute - Audi R8 in Manhattan

    Four days ago we brought you in-depth coverage of Audi's publicity parade on Park Avenue, featuring the new R8 supercar, the R10 Le Mans racer and the 1938 Auto Union Type-D "Silver Arrow". The attention-grabbing event marked the North American debut of the R8 as well as the opening of Audi's new ...

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    Audi offers US customers European Delivery in Ingolstadt

    Audi has been investing heavily into "the Audi experience", creating a brand identity revolving around and beyond its products. Now the company has joined the league of luxury automakers that offers a European delivery program. European delivery programs offered by German and Swedish carmakers ...

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    Mazda responds to RX-8 community's anger over leaked video

    Recently a privileged video released without Mazda's permission was leaked onto the internet. In the video, a member of the Mazda National Dealer Advisory Council states, "Mazda is well aware of the negative impact on the scores caused by the RX-8 surveys. They agreed with us that the situation had ...


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