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    Official: FIA confirms 1.6-liter turbo V6 F1 engines for 2014

    Formula One racing engines have been dropping cylinders like advanced trigonometry classes over the past couple of decades. The V12s gave way to V10s in the mid 90s. Those were replaced in turn by the current V8s in 2006, and now it's been confirmed that by 2014 two more cylinders will drop off ...

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    Video: Motorsports photogs stranded at DFW airport get creative

    What do you do when you're stuck on an overnight layover? Sleep? Read the same issue of Automobile four times? Beat Angry Birds? We would, too. For Formula Drift photographers Larry Chen and Joe Ayala, a lengthy layover in the empty Dallas/Fort Worth airport meant an all-night playground. Armed ...

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    Report: University shuts down Formula SAE program over racy photo

    According to, The University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, temporarily shut down its Formula SAE team after a female team member was photographed next to the chapter's race car, clad only in a bikini and high heels. The young lady who stripped down for the shot said she wanted ...

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    Formula Palmer Audi shuts down after 13 years

    Formula Palmer Audi – Click above for high-res image
    When the FIA wanted to re-innaugurate the Formula Two championship, they turned to one man: Jonathan Palmer. A former F1 driver, Palmer raced in 87 grands prix for such teams as Williams and Tyrell, went on to commentate for the BBC, and ...

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    Renaultsport launching new Formula 2.0 car

    2010 Formula Renault 2.0 undergoing testing at Rockingham, UK – Click above for high-res image gallery
    No single automaker occupies more steps on the formula racing ladder than Renault. In addition to running their own Formula One team (for the time being, at least) and powering both the ...

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    Update: Grid fills out for 2009 F1 car presentations

    Click above for a high-res gallry of last year's BMW Sauber F1.08 reveal
    Each day in the new year is bringing us closer to the successive unveilings of the latest batch of Formula One race cars, with nearly all the teams confirming the launch dates for their latest machinery.Contrary to earlier ...

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    Va-va-vroom! Formula 2 series gets its own Danica

    After seeing our favorite IRL driver in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition win her first race, we were convinced that what motor racing needs is more female drivers. With the glass ceiling showing more and more cracks, we're encouraged by the news that Swiss rising star Natacha Gachnang will ...

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    Cosworth wins FIA standard engine tender for 2010

    Honda's departure from Formula One came down to a singular factor: cost. The amount of cash required to campaign a team (or two) in the top tier of open-wheel motorsports has been on an upwards trajectory for as long as we can remember, and combined with the current economic downturn, it was just a ...

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    First Drive: Formula Vee racer

    Click above for hi-res gallery of our drive in a Formula Vee race car There aren't a lot of things that will get an automotive journalist out of bed before dawn. But nearly all of them have four wheels, which is about the only thing a formula racing car shares in common with the kind of ordinary ...

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    Hamster heads to the Beeb - Hammond to cover F1 for BBC

    Formula 1 will hit the BBC air waves in 2009 after a long run on ITV. The move will require new figureheads to sit at the desk, and London's Times has said that Top Gear's Richard Hammond is the top man for the job. Economics at least partially drove ITV's decision to withdraw from F1 coverage. The ...

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    Dallara unveils new Formula 3 chassis

    Click above to view in high-resolution Formula 3, for any racing fans who don't watch the feeder-formulas like football fans watch college pigskin, is one of the most important lower formulas in international motorsports. While NASCAR may have its own hierarchy, the vast majority of racing's most ...

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    Try, try again: FIA puts further restrictions on F1, freezes engine development

    The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA, the international racing authority that governs Formula One, among other series, has rolled out a series of restrictions on the development of F1 cars starting with the coming 2008 season. The restrictions include a complete freeze on engine development for ...

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    FIA rejects McLaren appeal, confirms Raikkonen's title

    Kimi Raikkonen and the boys at Ferrari can breathe a sigh of relief, as their championship has been formally confirmed by the FIA. The title was appealed by the incredibly sore losers at McLaren, who insisted that because of a temperature irregularity in the fuel in BMW's and Williams' cars at the ...

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    Like father like sons: Mansell boys sign for Champ Car Atlantic series

    History, they say, has a habit of repeating itself. That's certainly the way things have been looking in recent years as some of the greatest racing names in motorsport history have been making a comeback. But instead of the legends squeezing their aging selves into new racing equipment like so ...

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    Singapore night race joins 2008 F1 Calendar

    Singapore is getting ready to host the first night race in Formula One history after the FIA approved the proposed calendar for next year's championship. Race promoters in Singapore got the clearance from the FIA to build the Monaco-style street circuit in May, and things are reportedly moving ...

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    Three-Way Title Race comes to a close at Brazilian Grand Prix

    Fans had been looking forward to it for years, and now it's come to a close. For 2007, Formula One stepped out of the dominating shadow of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, the first season since his retirement, and came to today's final race of the season in a close three-way battle ...

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    Report: Mercedes releases Alonso

    'You don't want us, and we don't want you.' That seems to be the consensus at Mercedes-Benz regarding Fernando Alonso, who has openly stated his displeasure over the course of the season with McLaren, the F1 team principally owned and powered by Mercedes. According to emerging reports, the ...

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    BMW F1 Pit Lane Park coming to Vegas

    With plans on the drawing board to potentially move the defunct USGP from Indianapolis to Las Vegas, BMW is ostensibly testing the waters by staging one of its popular Pit Lane Park demonstrations in Sin City this coming January. BMW stages the public demonstrations at various grands prix and ...

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    Demonstration in the Streets: Renault F1 event draws 300,000 in Mexico City

    While Bernie Ecclestone continues to bring grands prix to new markets every year, additional locations around the world get to see part of the Formula One action through individual teams staging demonstration events. BMW-Sauber has held several such high-profile events, returning to the ...

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    NO SOUP FOR YOU! Prodrive-McLaren deal cancelled

    If you've got your money on Prodrive making an unprecedented F1 debut next season, we'd recommend calling your bookie and changing your bet. The British racing consultancy was preparing to hit the grand prix circuit using equipment obtained through a deal with McLaren, but the agreement that was ...


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