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174UK looking to ban smoking in cars with children, should we? [w/poll]

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom are pushing to ban smoking in cars when children are present. The legislation is making its way through Parliament and has already been passed as part of a bill by the House of Commons. The ban, supported by the country's left-wing Labour party, is set to go before the House of Lords, which could vote it into law, according to The Telegraph.

AddForest conservation beats fuel conservation

While the U.S. has a corn surplus, countries like Malaysia do not necessarily have sufficient production capacity for the commodities needed for biofuel production. While NGO's and Foreign Environmental activists have claimed that Malaysia has cleared its forest cover to plant oil palm, the Malaysian government stands firm on protecting its existing forest cover, and planting of palm oil was carried out only in allocated areas that did not involve any clearing of forests. Malaysia's forest areas

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