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It's no secret that Ford is shifting production capability of its plants from large vehicles to smaller, more sensible rides. Workers at the Michigan Truck Plant, long the birthplace of the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs, produced their last vehicle of the behemoth variety today at 1:30 in the afternoon. The plant will now be shut down and retooled - at a cost of $75 million - to build small, fuel-efficient C-Cars (think Ford Focus) starting in 2010.

In conjunction with the announcement of an $8.7 billion loss for the second quarter, Ford confirmed what had been suspected for some time with a major shift in production capacity from trucks to cars. Starting in December of this year, three truck plants will be retooled so that they can build cars instead. In addition six new models will be coming over from the European lineup and Mercury will live on. Like other automakers Ford will be consolidating production of large trucks into fewer plan

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