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    Ford goes after Ranger fan site for trademark violation

    As if Ford didn't have enough bad PR today after a South Carolinian dealer shout his mouth off on the radio. Now comes word that fan site (TRS) has been contacted by the automaker's lawyers and told to cough up $5,000 and the rights to the website's domain name as a result of ...

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    Ford Ranger Max concept debuts at Thailand Motor Show (w/VIDEO)

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Ford Ranger Max Concept
    At the Thailand Motor Expo this week, Ford's rolling out a show truck based on the locally-produced Ford Ranger. Dubbed the Ranger Max, it's a styling exercise designed to infuse the compact pickup with some visual muscle and ...

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    St. Paul Ford Ranger plant to shut down for December

    For the entire month of December, Ford's plant in St. Paul, Minnesota, where about 1,000 workers assemble the Ford Ranger, will shut down. According to reports, it is normal for the plant to be closed for the week of Christmas, but an additional three weeks of downtime is necessary to "align ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #96

    For three weeks in a row, now, we've brought you a new Autoblog Podcast courtesy of the B-Team. Here's episode #96 of the Autoblog Podcast, where Chris Shunk, Sam Abuelsamid, and Dan Roth kibbitz over some morsels of recent news. There's the requisite trip to the Autoblog Garage to start things ...

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    Ranger: Built Ford Tough... with stripes

    Click above to view in hi-res While we wait for the F-150 SVT Raptor to be unveiled, Ford is offering European customers a sporty truck of its own: a Ranger with stripes! Although some media are labeling this the Le Mans edition, Ford's own release (which you can see after the jump) doesn't mention ...

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    Pontoon Boat burning a hole in your pocket? Trade it for a JaguaRanger

    Boats are typically thought of as a hole in the water into which you hurl money. It looks like this Craigslist seller realized that he was really after a boat only after sinking considerable time and money into an extensive automotive gene-splicing experiment gone horribly wrong. Take one Jaguar ...

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    It's (apparently) official: The Ford Ranger is dead come 2009

    One little fact buried in the linked piece about Ford's $2 billion UAW savings is this: the Ranger is dead come 2009. It has been known for a while that the Twin Cities Plant in St. Paul, MN that makes the Ranger would close, and the closure date has been pushed back one year, to 2009. The ...

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    2010 Scion xP - the 'P' stands for Pickup

    var digg_url = ''; Though the launch of Toyota's new full-size Tundra pickup has been a rocky one, the Japanese juggernaut is taking notes, learning on the fly and will undoubtedly not make the same mistakes twice. Perhaps ...

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    Ford Ranger wears pink for UK city

    There's a theory that only men comfortable with their manliness can get away with wearing pink. Whether you buy that or not, Ford's tough little Ranger pickup is trading its plaid shirt image for the pink livery of Salford, UK.The city just purchased a fleet of six pink Ranger 2.5 TDCi Regular Cab ...

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    Vote for TTAC's Ten Worst Autos Today

    Voting is open for The Truth About Cars' first ever Ten Worst Automobiles Today (or TWAT) award that we told you about earlier in the month. The initial list of more than 120 reader nominations contained predictable TWAT-eligible autos like GM's ancient minivans, uh, sorry, Crossover Sport Van, a ...


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