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The first quarter of 2009 could best be described as the worst of times in the auto industry. With the full weight of the global financial collapse weighing down on the industry, sales dropped like a stone and production screeched to a halt. General Motors and Ford produced only 371,000 and 349,000 vehicles respectively during Q1 2009, a mere fraction of the industry giants' overall capacity. One year later, the auto industry here in the U.S. is still far from healthy, but many industry experts

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Ford issued a press release this morning detailing its plans for the remainder of 2008, and considering the current price of gasoline, weak U.S. economy and rising cost of raw materials, the changes are exactly what you'd expect. Ford will now be producing 690,000 vehicles during the remainder of this year's second quarter, down 20,000 units from its previous estimate and 15% below its total for Q2 2007. Production levels in Q3 will fall to between 510-540,000 units in Q3 2008 (down 15-20% from

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