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ford super bowl commercial

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    Video: James Franco and tiger tease Ford Super Bowl commercial

    Ford has just released a teaser for its Super Bowl ad, and unlike just about every other automaker, it seems that the Blue Oval is going to make us wait until Sunday to see the full spot. The teaser is, um, strange. It stars James Franco, who believes he is Ron Riggle, the comedian, Fox NFL ...

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    Breaking: Ford asks Chevrolet, then NBC, to pull Silverado Super Bowl ad

    Chevrolet is having some pointed fun with its apocalyptic Super Bowl ad featuring the Silverado called "2012," only the fun is pointed directly at Ford, which finds it a little too sharp to be all that much fun. So on the eve of the big game, Ford sent Chevy a cease-and-desist letter to pull the ...

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    Video: Chevy Silverado takes shot at Ford in apocalyptic Super Bowl ad

    Chevrolet continues its onslaught of Super Bowl ads released before this Sunday's big game, clearly hoping that volume plays in its favor when the points are tallied by marketing analysts on Monday. Today's commercial, entitled "2012," stars the Chevrolet Silverado in a post-apocalyptic world. ...


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