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ford production

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    Report: Hot sales have Detroit automakers shortening summer shutdowns

    Back in May, there was speculation that the Detroit Three automakers would maintain or perhaps even extend their traditional summer shutdowns, mostly due to a bitingly cold winter that saw below-freezing temperatures infiltrate the southernmost reaches of the US, putting a chill on auto sales. ...

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    Report: Ford to boost production by 40,000 units, shorten summer plant shutdown

    The Detroit Free Press reports Ford is set to boost production by 40,000 units. The company plans to half its summer shutdown to just one week at 13 plants this July. Ford says that it is already operating most of its facilities at maximum capacity, and adding a week of production is a good way ...

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    Report: Ford facing shortage of Focus models due to dashboard supplier issue

    We're nearly certain that robots will one day rise up and take over the planet. We've watched The Terminator enough times now to see how the scenario will play out. Thankfully, robots aren't advanced enough yet to ruin your life, but they might be smart enough to ruin your day... at least if ...

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    Ford F-150 production halts for a week on parts shortage

    2011 Ford F-150 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford has to put the brakes on F-150 production for a week, and it seems parts suppliers are to blame. The new truck is reportedly selling so well that companies who make parts for the truck are having trouble keeping up with ...

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    REPORT: GM, Ford to dramatically increase Q1 production versus year ago numbers

    The first quarter of 2009 could best be described as the worst of times in the auto industry. With the full weight of the global financial collapse weighing down on the industry, sales dropped like a stone and production screeched to a halt. General Motors and Ford produced only 371,000 and ...

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    Mulally: Ford boosting production to meet demand

    2010 Ford Taurus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    More good news comes from the Blue Oval camp today as Ford CEO Alan Mulally has said that the automaker plans to "[increase] production to support the desirability of Ford products." Despite a downturn in new car sales, Ford – ...

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    Ford to make less vehicles in 2008: more cars, fewer trucks

    Ford issued a press release this morning detailing its plans for the remainder of 2008, and considering the current price of gasoline, weak U.S. economy and rising cost of raw materials, the changes are exactly what you'd expect. Ford will now be producing 690,000 vehicles during the remainder of ...

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    Ford shuffling production at four plants

    Not that we're cutting Ford any slack, but the automaker's plan to shrink itself both in sales and size is a smart move. It will mean lower sales and lots of layoffs, but right now the market isn't buying a big Ford. So news today of the automaker shuffling some shifts and delaying the restart of a ...


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