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    Report: GM, Ford slow production at seven plants due to Canadian storms

    If you think early winter weather is causing you headaches this season, you should hear what General Motors and Ford are putting up with. The companies have seen production slow in at least seven of their manufacturing facilities in Canada and the Midwest thanks to road closings. According to ...

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    St. Paul Ford Ranger plant to shut down for December

    For the entire month of December, Ford's plant in St. Paul, Minnesota, where about 1,000 workers assemble the Ford Ranger, will shut down. According to reports, it is normal for the plant to be closed for the week of Christmas, but an additional three weeks of downtime is necessary to "align ...

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    Ford shuffling production at four plants

    Not that we're cutting Ford any slack, but the automaker's plan to shrink itself both in sales and size is a smart move. It will mean lower sales and lots of layoffs, but right now the market isn't buying a big Ford. So news today of the automaker shuffling some shifts and delaying the restart of a ...

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    Ford to shed another 9,000 plant jobs

    Over 2006 and 2007, Ford lost $15.3 billion. Over that same time and in light of those losses, the company also shed 33,600 union workers through buyouts and early retirement. Still working through the uphill part of the turnaround, Ford has announced it wants to eliminate another 8,000 to 9,000 ...


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