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ford motor company

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    Book Review: Bryce G. Hoffman's new American Icon book on Ford [w/video]

    There is little question that Ford, under the leadership of CEO Alan Mulally, has perhaps never looked better in terms of product and financial stability. But it's been less than four years since the company's stock was hovering near $1.00 a share. The Ford family was making noise about selling ...

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    Report: Book: Ford secretly partnered with Toyota, Honda during economic crisis

    While the headline might seem shocking, given the circumstances of the 2009 global economic meltdown, it only makes sense. Ford's dealings with two of its biggest competitors were centered around mutual self-preservation in the form of trying to keep a beleaguered supplier base afloat, according to ...

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    Report: Ford tops in non-retail sales, 45% of Focus sold to fleets

    Most everyone at Ford is grinning from ear-to-ear these days, as the company is enjoying profits as well as a vastly improved product portfolio and public image. Sales are up, the product pipeline is full, and market share grew last year. You can almost imagine Ford CEO Alan Mulally saying, ...

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    Official: Ford reports biggest profits since '98, still fails to meet estimates

    Ford has announced the company's single largest profit since 1998, thanks in part to a one-time tax gain. The company drew in a net income of $13.6 billion last quarter and the news marked the automaker's 11th consecutive profitable quarter. For perspective, Ford made $190 million in 2010. The ...

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    Report: Ford denies starting search for Mulally successor

    There's little question that bringing Alan Mulally on board at Ford was the smartest move the company made in decades, nor is there much debate that credit for the company's salvation is largely due to his office. But could his number be up? Having joined Ford in 2006 as an outsider from ...

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    Video: Lincoln offers peek into new styling direction with design boss Max Wolff

    For a while there, it looked like Ford forgot about Lincoln, and dismal sales numbers reflected the marque's lack of attention. But just when it was beginning to look like Lincoln was on its last leg, Ford's luxury arm unveiled the refreshed MKS and MKT at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Those models ...

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    Confirmed: Lincoln's small car isn't dead... it never really existed

    Here's the problem with releasing a concept: more often than not, people expect you to build it. So when a source tells you that a showcar doesn't have a shot at production, many assume it's been killed. Unless, that is, it was never going to come to market in the first place. Such is the case ...

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    Official: Ford reports $1.6B third quarter earnings

    Just how much is $1.6 billion? Enough to buy every single Mustang Ford sold through the first eight months of the year – at retail. While Ford's net income came in at $1.6 billion, the company reported a $1.9 billion pre-tax operating profit for the third quarter, down $111 million from ...

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    Report: UAW "leans toward" striking Ford if deal isn't reached

    The United Auto Workers are currently negotiating new labor contracts with The Detroit Three. Due to bankruptcy restrictions, UAW members working at General Motors and Chrysler and can't go on strike. Ford, on the other hand, didn't get a no-strike clause since it didn't go through the bankruptcy ...

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    Report: Nearly 35,000 Ford workers sign pay grievance notice

    The United Auto Workers are working with Ford to address a grievance signed by nearly 35,000 hourly workers. The employees are upset that merit pay and 401(k) matches were reinstated for salary workers in 2010, but they weren't for their hourly counterparts. The Detroit Free Press reports that ...

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    Elena Ford pleads guilty to DUI, gets probation

    Bloomberg reports that Ford Global Marketing Director Elena Ford (great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford) has plead guilty to Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, saying the incident has been a "complete embarrassment" to her family. The Ford family heiress was arrested on April 4 after failing ...

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    Report: Ford bumping prices on 2011 model vehicles

    When a barrel of oil soars past $100, it affects all of us in more ways than just the gas pump. That counts for auto production as well, as Toyota's recent price increase clearly shows. And Toyota isn't alone, as Automotive News reports that Ford has raised prices on its vehicles by an average of ...

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    Report: Accounting change could net Ford $13-billion profit

    Ford is looking to make an accounting change this year that would eliminate a valuation allowance from its books and net the company $10 to $13 billion in profits. The move shows that Ford is confident that it sustain its new-found profitability, after four straight years of operating losses from ...

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    2010 Woodward: Ford display takes over 9 Mile and Woodward

    Woodward 2010 – Click above for the high-res image gallery
    Ford always comes strong at the Woodward Dream Cruise, and this year the corner of 9 Mile and Woodward is a packed as ever. And of the dozens and dozens of vehicles on display, most every model was of the Mustang variety. Ford ...

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    Ford now offering over 9,000 official reproduction parts for restorations

    First generation Ford Bronco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Imagine your disappointment when you find what looks like a great deal on a 1967 Ford Mustang on Craigslist, only to realize the body is 90 percent Bondo. You could head back to the listings, or you could hit the Ford ...

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    Officially Official: Ford kills Mercury to expand Lincoln lineup

    This was bound to happen sooner or later. Over the last ten years, Mercury's sales numbers have plummeted, and currently, the brand only accounts for 0.8 percent of Ford Motor Company's overall market share. In a press conference this afternoon with Mark Fields, Ford's president of the Americas, ...

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    Report: Ford earns $2.1B profit in Q1

    According to The Detroit News, Ford has officially announced its fourth straight profitable quarter in a row. The company managed to make $2.1 billion in profits over the first three months of 2010, thanks largely to a rapid increase in sales during the first part of the year. The company saw ...

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    Report: Ford helping small businesses get wrapped up with Transit Connect

    Ford Transit Connect Graphic Wraps – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Have you ever seen those commercial vehicles that are loaded up with high-quality graphics touting the company's wares? Affective marketing to be sure, but aren't those lavish graphics for big companies that can ...

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    Ford to save $1.2M/year just by turning off its computers at night

    When a corporation as large as Ford decides to do something as simple as shutting down its computers at night, the savings can be astronomical. In the case of Ford, powering down computers can save the company $1.2 million each year. digg_url = ...

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    Report: Geely may need to come up with $1.4B to fix damaged Volvo after purchase

    It's going to cost up to $2 billion for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. to take ownership of Volvo, but according to a new report out of BusinessWeek, that lofty figure is just the cost of entry. Volvo union members and the board have apparently told the Chinese automaker that it will need at ...


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