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ford model t

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    ETC: Michigan museum offers Model T driving classes

    Halfway between Detroit and Chicago, there is a car museum that gives visitors a unique level of interaction with antique cars. The Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI has a driver's training class to teach people of any age to learn how to drive a Ford Model T. From the crank starter to ...

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    ETC: Woman trades 1914 Model T in for 2013 Corvette

    We're sure that dealers must see all sorts of interesting trade ins, but this one may take the cake. Red River Chevrolet in Bossier City, Louisiana, recently had a customer come in with an odd request. Tina Boyter wanted to trade in three vehicles on a brand-new 2013 Chevy Corvette. Among the ...

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    ETC: Blackprints Kickstarter campaign looks to put profiles on your wall [w/video]

    UPDATE: This Kickstarter campaign has been shut down due to copyright disputes over the original images used to create the Blackprints. We enjoy highlighting artists who turn their brushes, lenses or whatever medium they fancy towards the four-wheeled things in life. San Francisco-based artist ...

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    Ford Model T convoy to revisit Britain's highest mountain

    Having a Ford Model T ascend a mountain might sound like a crazy idea, but in 1911 it was a marketing coup. Ford had just arrived in Britain and to prove its worth, a corporate sales agent named Henry Alexander drove a Model T to the top of Ben Nevis in Scotland – Britain's highest ...

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    Early Ford Model T factory may become a museum but needs your help

    The Ford Model T was a game-changer, allowing middle-class America to finally afford a horseless carriage. As the public began taking to the roads in greater numbers, our nation began its transformation into a modern motoring society. The Model T was first produced in 1908 and enjoyed a ...

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    European university designs 2015 Model T concept

    Click above for high-res renderings of the 2015 Ford Model T concept
    The original Model T was a game-changer. Its modular design allowed the Tin Lizzy to be mass produced on an assembly line and was the car that put America on wheels. So it might strike you as odd that the Blue Oval chose a design ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1923 Model T powered by Harley V-Twin

    Click above for more images of the 1923 V-Twin powered Model TFord's ubiquitous Model T has seen its fair share of modifications over the years. Often powered by an engine other than what was originally designed for the large engine bay, countless variations of the hot rod theme have made Henry ...

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    Design students envision a modern Model-T

    Photo: KEVIN A. WILSON, AutoweekRecently, Ford Motor Company sponsored a contest with the goal of modernizing the iconic Model T, a car which revolutionized motorized transportation the world over. The winner of the competition, a 24-year-old junior at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit ...


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