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ford fr500s mustang

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    Who would have thought? Ford Racing has a sense of humor

    Click above to view the FR500S Mustang window sticker I'm a big fan of 'less is more' and would rather take off weight than add horsepower. I'm also an admitted Mustang fan and was wondering just how much flab could be removed from a new Mustang. Ford lists a 5-speed GT at 3,300 lbs, which isn't ...

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    SEMA 2007: Ford Announces Poor Man's Racer with the FR500S Mustang

    The latest edition to the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog is a complete race-ready Ford Mustang called the FR500S that retails for a relatively affordable $75,000. Compare that to the $129,900 FR500C and the $250,000 FR500GT and it starts to look like a pretty inexpensive race car. The $75k ...


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