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ford focus rs

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    Ford Suisse rolls out special edition Focus RS WRC

    Ford Focus RS WRC special edition for Switzerland – Click above for image gallery of livery proposals
    While the rest of us think "rallying", the Swiss look at their snow-capped mountains and think "skiing". That's largely because the Swiss are not known to be car people. But for every rule ...

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    McChip introduces Ford Focus RS with 401 horses - Are you lovin' it?

    401-hp Ford Focus tuned Mcchip-dkr – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are few things we love more than hooning around in a vigorous, purebred sports car – and that's exactly how Mcchip-dkr describes its 401-horsepower Ford Focus RS. That's the Stage 2 version delivering ...

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    Loder1899 heats up Ford's already cookin' Focus RS

    Loder1899 Focus RS - click above image for hi-res gallery
    Here at the Autoblog, we get accused of many things. From somehow making a living off of the Ford Mustang to dating other male journalists to "FAIL!" we've heard it all. In fact, we hear the latter a lot. One that particularly sticks in ...

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    VIDEO: Mexican Ford Focus commercial features familiar soundtrack, surprise ending

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    The Ford Focus is an automotive study in duality. Europeans get a really good, second generation version of Ford's C-segment wunderkind, while motorists here in the U.S. make do with an updated family based on the first-generation model. Actually, ...

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    VIDEO: Ford Focus RS falls short of record with 8:26 Nürburgring lap time

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Point to point, the Ford Focus RS is touted as the fastest vehicle the company has ever made. It reportedly lapped Ford's Lommel test track in Belgium, where we had the chance to sample the second-fiddle Focus ST, faster than the Ford GT supercar. ...

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    VIDEO: Fifth Gear pits Ford Focus RS vs. Mitsubishi Evo X

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Yesterday, we showed you Fifth Gear's take on the new Audi R8 V10 - notable more for their footage of the gorgeous blue test car than for much in the way of actual performance driving and analysis. In an effort to correct that oversight, we've found ...

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    REPORT: Ford passes on bringing current Focus RS to America

    UPDATE: Ford just wrote us to clarify that while the all-new Focus RS just introduced in Europe won't be for sale in the U.S., "Ford intends to bring some new RS' to the US (as we've already seen in the spy photos of the white car) to use as marketing assets for feedback from enthusiasts" and ...

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    VIDEO: World's Fastest Jet Pack vs. Ford Focus RS

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    We're all for alternative forms of transportation here at Autoblog, and we're not just talking about hydrogen fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, either. We're talking jet packs! Eric Scott is a 46-year-old Go Fast! Jet Pack pilot from Denver who became ...

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    2009 Ford Focus RS spotted in Royal Oak, MI

    2009 Ford Focus RS spotted in Michigan - Click above for an image gallery
    With reviews of the 2009 Ford Focus RS showing up in RSS feeds and mailboxes, Ford's Forbidden Fruit continues to taunt us from abroad. And then... this. Justin over at FocusFantatics was leaving dinner with the misses in ...

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    Rumormill Entry No. 3,256 - North America could get next-gen Ford Focus RS

    2010 Ford Focus RS - Click above for a hi-res gallery
    Could the North American market finally get the Ford Focus RS? According to the latest reports, it could happen. But not until after the next-generation model debuts in a couple of years. Like the new Fiesta, the next Focus is being developed ...

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    Ford Focus RS heads to 'Ring in search of a class record

    2010 Ford Focus RS - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Pretty soon, it seems like the start of Nürburgring lap time season will take its place on motorsports calendars the same way you find with Formula 1 and NASCAR. The 'Ring season officially began last week, and the title card pitted ...

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    Will the new Focus be Ford's last RS?

    Rumor has bubbled up that this latest Ford Focus RS will be the last. That, however, isn't the most outrageous part of the story - after all, just a couple of years ago there were rumors that the RS badge would disappear on the MkII. And the reasons for the rumor aren't wild, either: the cloudy ...

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    True Blue: First Focus RS rolls off Ford assembly line in Germany

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Ford Focus RS
    Ford reconnected this week in earnest with the 38 year history of its RS badge when the first production Focus RS rolled off the assembly line in Germany. The 300 horsepower front-drive hot hatch is being built at Ford's Saarlouis ...

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    Ford Focus RS starting abroad at £24,995

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ford Focus RS
    The 2009 Focus Rallye Sport has a price: £24,995 when it goes on sale in the UK in March. That will put you about £4,000 over a Focus ST3, but for that extra money you get a car that could be much closer to Ford's WRC competitor ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Ford Focus RS gets its blue on

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Ford Focus RS
    The most popular car color in Europe may be Black, but the new Focus RS isn't one for blending in a crowd. Until now we've only seen images of the car in a bright, almost Kermit-like green color, but now thanks to based in ...

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    Ford adds Focus Zetec S model in Europe... they can keep this one

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Ford Focus Zetec S
    We're still ga-ga over the C1 Focus, but this one's moving the needle on the "meh"-o-meter. The Focus Zetec S is badged up and body-kitted, but otherwise a standard-issue Focus Zetec. Actually, while it's no RS, the Zetec and Zetec S are ...

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    Paris 2008: Live shots of the Ford Focus RS

    Click above for more live shots of the Ford Focus RS in Paris
    Ford's new Focus RS has made its second European debut and we've managed to snag some live shots of the new car on the stand. Covered in Ultra Green paint as it is, we could hardly miss it. The new hue is meant to be "a modern ...

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    Now That's Fast: UK Ford dealers take 1000 orders for Focus RS

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the 2009 Ford Focus RS The fastest piece of machinery ever devised by Ford of Europe, the highly anticipated Focus RS, just had its first public showing in London and is about to be officially unveiled in Paris next month. But with delivery expected to begin ...

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    Paris Preview: 2009 Ford Focus RS revealed... again!

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Focus RSThough it first debuted the 2009 Focus RS at the London Motor Show in July, Ford of Europe will do it again at the Paris Motor Show next month and today has given us even more info about the fastest European car to ever wear the Blue Oval badge. ...

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    Let the leakage begin: Ford Focus RS concept

    Click either image for a high-res gallery of the Ford Focus RS.We've been teased twice and now we finally get our first unmasked glimpse of the Ford Focus RS concept, due to debut at the London Motor Show next month. Images of the gaudy green hatch have begun to surface on a few sites across the ...


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