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ford focus electric

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    Official: 2012 Ford Focus Electric priced from $39,200*

    The 2012 Ford Focus Electric showed up on the company website's configurator this morning with a base price of $39,200 before state and federal incentives, plus an additional $795 for destination charges. That brings the total base starting price of the Focus Electric to $39,995. Factor in a ...

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    Official: Ford Focus Electric will offer solar home option

    Running an electric car on the power of the sun is many an EV enthusiast's dream. Ford isn't the first company to combine EV charging with solar energy, but it is trying to make it as easy as possible to go from driving on imported oil to extremely local energy. Through a new partnership with ...

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    Report: Ford Focus Electric launch pushed back to Spring 2012

    Want to buy a 2012 Ford Focus Electric when it hits dealer lots in late 2011? You might be out of luck. Unless, that is, you reside in New York or California, as those are reportedly the only two states that are in line to receive retail deliveries of the electrified Focus before the end of ...

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    Bill Ford editorial sings praises of electric car, information technology

    As for why Bill Ford is such a technology booster, he himself points at the price of oil.
    Ford Motor Company may be one of the world's oldest automakers, but that doesn't mean it's stuck in the past. William Clay Ford Jr., 54-year-old Executive Chairman of the Ford Board of Directors and great ...

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    Ford's plan to make commutes more efficient, optimize EVs

    Android developers across the world have descended on San Francisco for this week's Google I/O conference, and Ford is getting in on the action with its announcement to utilize Google's new Prediction API to increase efficiency and decrease commute times. The Prediction API has a range of ...

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    Ford Focus Electric gets connected by AT&T

    Hot on the heels of Audi's announcement to use T-Mobile for its future wireless data needs, Ford has partnered with AT&T to provide connectivity to the 2012 Focus Electric. Nearly every EV or plug-in hybrid coming to market will offer some combination of embedded wireless data and an ...

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    Ford touting Focus Electric's lack of maintenance

    Ford Focus Electric – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Ford Focus Electric, like other EVs on the way to market, will give owners the ability to travel without ever visiting a gas station. That's a very compelling reason to go green, and Ford tells us that its upcoming EV has a ...

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    CES 2011: Ford Focus Electric ready to steal the EV spotlight

    Ford Focus Electric – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf may have stolen the show for electric vehicles in 2010, but Ford is hoping to make big waves in 2011 with its first EV passenger car, the Focus Electric. The zero-emissions Focus hatchback makes ...

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    Ford reveals initial markets for Focus EV

    2012 Ford Focus EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford is gearing up to launch the 2012 Ford Focus EV, and the automaker has selected 19 target markets for its first-ever all-electric passenger car. A press release can only reveal so much emotion, but we would like to believe the ...

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    2012 Ford Focus EV to use liquid-cooled lithium-polymer battery

    Ford Focus EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When the 2112 Ford Focus Electric debuts in late 2011, it and the Chevrolet Volt will have a common feature in addition to their LG Chem lithium polymer cells. Ford confirms that the Focus EV will employ a liquid-cooled battery pack ...

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    Officially Official: Jay Leno to put stars in (un)reasonably priced car

    Ford Focus EV - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford has confirmed rumors that the new Jay Leno show will use the an electric Ford Focus for its Green Car Challenge. From what we hear, the challenge is similar to Top Gear's "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" segment, where celebs take to ...


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