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ford falcon

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    Video: V8 Supercar driver celebrates win by drifting entire victory lap

    Racing is racing. Drifting is drifting. The two don't generally cross over, for one simple reason: drifting is slow, and racing is fast. Unless your name is Gilles Villeneuve, the general rule is that drifting through a corner isn't as fast as braking on the way in, clipping the apex and ...

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    Report: 2013 Ford Taurus design points the way for next Falcon, Mondeo

    If you've been wondering exactly what Ford has in mind for the next-generation Falcon, look no further than the recently revealed 2013 Taurus for a few clues. Ford design guru J Mays has officially made it clear that the look of the sedan will be transposed onto several of the automaker's other ...

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    Video: Australian man discusses his affair with The Squire

    A person's love for his or her car is a beautiful thing. Some people realize that an automobile can be more than just a means of transportation. Kyle from Australia, the man behind this video, is one such person, and his 1963 Ford Falcon Squire is one such beautiful thing. Filmmaker Tom ...

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    Prodrive develops supercharged Ford V8 for Falcon

    Prodrive turns the Falcon into a real Boss – Click above to view high-res image gallery
    The latest news from Oz comes courtesy of Prodrive, which has a close relationship with Ford Performance Vehicles. Starting with a Coyote V8 engine block, Prodrive has created a supercharged V8 that's ...

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    Ford shows Aussies who's Boss with special FPV Falcon

    FPV Boss 335 GT – Click above for image gallery
    There's no shortage of similarities to be found between Australia and the United States. Both are former British colonies flying red, white and blue flags; both are big masses of land divided into states; both have Top Gear spinoffs and share ...

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    Video: Epic showdown pits Ford rookie against GM vet in final laps of V8 Supercar race

    Showdown at the Gold Coast Corral – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Back in the Mad Men days, just about everyone was either a General Motors man or a Ford man. Cadillac or Lincoln. Buick or Mercury. Nowadays it may be as much about Toyota vs Honda, but the Detroit rivalry ...

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    Report: RWD Ford Falcon could merge platforms with Mustang, not Taurus

    A big part of Ford's recent successes can be attributed to the "One Ford" mantra CEO Allan Mulally instituted early on. But while the program may be a recipe for success, speculation stemming from Mulally's comments at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show left some wondering if the next Ford Falcon would ...

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    DetNews: New Ford Police Interceptor to be Taurus-based

    Will the new Police Interceptor be a toughened Taurus SHO? - click above for high-res image gallery
    Just a quick note: The Detroit News is reporting that the next Ford Police Interceptor will be based on the same platform as the Taurus. For you platform geeks out there, that's the Ford D3 chassis ...

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    Source: Next-gen Ford Police Interceptor will debut this Friday in Las Vegas

    Hold on to your sap gloves and night sticks – it's that time of the decade! An Autoblog source reveals that Ford is about to release a brand spankin' new Police Interceptor. Not only is this humongous news for our pals in the law enforcement community, but this is 120-point headline font ...

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    Will Ford discontinue the Australian-made Falcon?

    Even though Ford honcho Alan Mulally was seriously smitten by the company's Aussie Falcon G-Series, doubts about the car's future were presaged nearly a year-and-a-half ago as Ford built momentum behind the "One Ford" program. That initiative focused on the rationalization of platforms, so ...

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    BREAKING: Ford announces it will build all-new Police Interceptor for 2011

    In a surprise move, Ford has announced that it will pursue the development of an all-new Police Interceptor model. The move comes on the heels of General Motors' announcement that it plans to challenge the Crown Victoria's law enforcement dominance with its own heavy-duty Chevrolet Caprice sedan. ...

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    REPORT: Australian racing fans limited to just 24 beers per day

    Bathurst 1000 fan enjoying a coldie during The Great Race
    You know what's not aces? When you're just trying to drink a little amber fluid and watch the Bathurst 1000 and the man treats you like a total bogan. What business is it of his how many coldies you drink when it's time to hit the turps? ...

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    Ford: Falcon to be first RWD four-cylinder EcoBoost car. Translation? No such Mustang until 2011... if at all

    Ford FG Falcon G-Series - Click above for image gallery
    Ford made news this week when it officially announced its four-cylinder EcoBoost engine; an engine that promises V6 performance with four-banger efficiency. The company's twin-turbo technology is expected to infiltrate almost every part of ...

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    Robert McNamara, father of the Ford Falcon, dead at 93 [w/VIDEO]

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    Former Ford President Robert McNamara passed away in his sleep yesterday at the age of 93. McNamara joined the Blue Oval in 1946 and quickly ascended the ranks, becoming the General Manager of the Ford Division in 1955. During McNamara's tenure, the Ford ...

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    Actor Eric Bana's motorsports film going carbon-neutral

    There's more than one way for Hollywood actors to go green. While most celebrities choose to go the way of Toyota Prius ownership, Eric Bana's chosen green ride is a 1973 Ford Falcon from Australia, a gas guzzler from a time that just barely predates most modern emissions equipment. That car, which ...

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    Ford Australia saves jobs and inline-6 with big investment

    "No, thanks," says Ford of Australia to the Duratec V6. Instead, Ford of Oz will invest $21 million to upgrade its homegrown inline six-cylinder and keep the invading powerplant out. The ongoing commitment to its own engine saves jobs at Ford's Geelong plant, as well as keeps local Australian ...

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    Next Ford Falcon will be less 'Australian'

    The Ford Falcon is all Australian. It has always been driven by the rear wheels, and it has always been designed, engineered, and built Down Under. The automotive world is rapidly changing, though, and Ford is one of many OEMs that are driving towards global vehicle architectures and a less ...

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    Say it ain't so: Ford Falcon could go front-wheel drive

    "You guys are obsessed with rear wheel drive," Alan Mulally mused to the Australian press after a browbeating about which pair of wheels might propel the Falcon into the future. Try as they might, the Ford Chief would not be pinned down about the chassis architecture of future Falcons, saying only ...

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    Holden and Ford trading punches before Falcon arrives

    Holden and Ford have been fighting the battle of Commodore vs. Falcon for many years, and with the recent announcement of the new Falcon range, the war has heated up. Holden's very competent Holden line has been given quite a jolt in anticipation of the Falcon's release, with many offerings ...

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    Sydney 2007: FPV GT Cobra strikes!

    Click image for photo galleryWe brought you word on the new FPV Cobra last week, and today it was officially unveiled at the Sydney Motor Show. Everything we told you already still holds true, so here's a quick refresher: Available in both sedan and ute bodystyles 5.4L BOSS 302 V8 (302 ...


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