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ford explorer america

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    VIDEO: Ford Powertrain Director talks EcoBoost

    Autoblog talks EcoBoost with Ford Powertrain DirecTurbocharging has long been associated with performance, but the 103-year-old technology is also very efficient. A small displacement gasoline engine with a turbocharger can equal or out-perform similarly sized naturally aspirated motors while also ...

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    Detroit 2008: Evolving the Explorer - Ford Explorer America concept LIVE

    Update: Video of the Explorer America concept reveal is available after the above for morel live images of the Ford Explorer America ConceptThe unveiling of Ford's Explorer America concept might finally prove that the end of the SUV era is upon us. FoMoCo's stalwart 'ute has left the ...

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    Detroit 2008: Ford Explorer America Concept says bye-bye to body-on-frame

    click above for 50 high-res images of the Ford Explorer America Concept var digg_url = ''; For more than a decade the Ford Explorer was the top-selling SUV in the US with annual sales topping 400,000 units for many ...


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