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    Rumormill: Ford converting North American factories to make European cars

    For reasons that everyone is aware of, American carmakers have been shutting down and idling plants that make trucks and SUVs. According to AutoSavant, however, Ford is not going to simply shutter plants, it is going to retool some of them to build its Euro-market cars for the American market. If ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Ford unveils Fiesta S in China

    Click above to view the Ford Fiesta S in hi-res China will undoubtedly be an important market for the new Ford Fiesta. Originally unveiled in European spec at the Geneva Motor Show last month, the Chinese version has just made its debut this week at the Auto China show in Beijing. The Chinese ...

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    Geneva 2008: production Ford Kuga

    Click above to view the Ford Kuga in hi-resKinetic design has been swallowing Ford of Europe's product range whole, and took a big bite at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Alongside the new Fiesta, Ford showed off the production version of the all-new Kuga crossover. Previewed by the concept unveiled ...

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    CONFIRMED: Ford Fiesta coming to America, hope for Mondeo

    Ford of Europe chairman Lewis Booth confirmed today that the next-generation Ford Fiesta for the European market will be brought to us folks in small car-starved North America. In truth, we're not actually starved for small cars in North America, we're just starved for good small cars like the Ford ...

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    Ford Fiesta XR4 launches in the land of Oz

    Click image for hi-res galleryAll the B-car hubbub this weekend centered around the nifty new Mazda2, which we seriously hope to see in the US at some poin tin the future. At Australia's Melbourne International Motor Show, however, Ford showed off its tried-and-true Fiesta in that market's XR ...

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    Ford scratching out a profit in Europe

    Ford of Europe Chairman Lewis Booth (pictured with mischievous grin) was quoted Tuesday as confirming that Ford will be profitable in Europe in 2006, despite intense price competition and high prices for raw materials.The crowded European market is a challenging venue for many automakers, as ...


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