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ford bold moves

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    End Scene: Final episode of Ford Bold Moves documentary

    Episode 30 of the Ford Bold Moves documentary has just been released. It's the final episode in this long series of short videos that has chronicled Ford and its journey down the Way Forward path since the middle of last year. No doubt by this time the producers had hoped to show a triumphant Mark ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 27: "Fix Or Repair Daily" finally addressed

    None of you probably noticed the we skipped reporting on the release of Ford Bold Moves - Episodes 26. Yeah, we watched it, but its subject matter didn't even register on our Interesting Meter, so we passed. Episode 27, however, entitled Proving our Metal, hits the company pretty hard with the ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 25: A little bit of Rouge

    Ford's Rouge plant is an icon in automotive manufacturing, having at one time built the Model A, military warcraft after WWI and during WWII, 40 years of the Mustang and currently the F-150. It's over 100 years old, but you wouldn't know it while on a tour of the facility. Ford has revamped Rouge ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 24: Ford hearts alt fuels

    Bam, just when you think you're safe, another episode of the Ford Bold Moves documentary hits the web waves. Episode 24, titled Driving the Future, is all about Ford's focus on alternative fuels, including clean diesel technology and hydrogen fuel cells, among others. The documentary begins at the ...

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    It's about the product, man! Ford refocusing Bold Moves ads

    Ford's marketing push behind the "Bold Moves" taglines is one step away from becoming part of modern pop culture. We've been inundated with TV, print and web ads since the campaign began, and you've no doubt noticed the web-based documentary of the same name. FoMoCo executives can't even make it ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 23: Ford likes the ladies

    Episode 23 of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary is here, and at this point we're just letting you know out of habit. After the very enjoyable Episode 22 in which a GT500 was beaten on by pro drivers, we return to a slightly more promotional format that stars Ford's newest sedan, the Fusion. ...

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    Ford Bold Moves Episode 22: Team Ford Racing Shines

    Dang, we're already at episode 22 of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary that has been chronicling the ins and outs of FoMoCo as it tries to resurrect respect for itself among the motoring public. There's been some good episodes in the past 22, and we've also suffered through some ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 17: King of the Hill Part II

    The 17th episode of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary has hit the series of tubes we call the internet, and it's a sequel to Episode 11: King of the Hill that focused on the half-ton F-series trucks. Part II stars the new 2008 Ford Superduty, as the video spends most of its time at the ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 16: The Warriors (and one wicked crash)

    The Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary series has released its 16th episode, which focuses on Ford's Warriors in Pink program that supports the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We're glad the series switched off the topic of product, as we were becoming increasingly frustrated with its ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 14: The Untold Truth

    Ding, ding... Round 14 for the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary has begun, and it's all about the Fusion's quality record, which at this point is perfect. That's right, no recalls during its launch year of 2006 and none reported yet so far for the 2007 model. "Fix or Repair Daily" may not ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 13: Close to the Edge

    The Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary reaches lucky number 13 today and focuses it's power over audio and video on the upcoming Ford Edge. "This launch is absolutely crucial," says Mark Fields in the episode, and we couldn't agree with him more. I say as much in an accompanying piece on the ...

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    Bold Move: Ford extending buyouts to all UAW workers

    Thanks to a fax sent by the United Auto Workers union to its leaders in various regions, we now know that Ford will be extending its job buyout offer to all 75,000 of its hourly UAW workers. This means that Ford is more than doubling the Way Forward plan's initial offer to buy out 30,000 of its ...

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    Ford Bold Moves, Episode 12: Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday

    Episode 12 of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary is live online and it focuses on Ford's history in racing. One interesting fact it reveals is that Ford Racing celebrated its 100th anniversary 18th months prior to Ford Motor Company's big centennial blow out, because in 1901 Henry Ford beat ...

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    Ford Bold Moves: the video game

    If you're a video game freak and a Mustang fan, chances are you're going to pick up Ford Bold Moves: Street Racing for the PS2, XBox 360 or PC no matter what kind of reviews it gets. Manufacturer specific driving games are not a new thing, even for Ford who is now on its third version of the Ford ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 11: King of the Hill

    The Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary has already reached its 11th episode and finally addresses the bread and butter of FoMoCo: its F-Series trucks. After leading the full-size truck market in the U.S. for 29 years, Ford makes it apparent that it wants the F-Series to stay King of the Hill. ...

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    Ford Bold Moves hits the virtual realm with video game

    Ford's Bold Moves campaign just got a little bolder with the introduction of Ford Bold Moves Street Racing, a video game developed in cooperation with Eidos Interactive. Scheduled to hit a North American PlayStation 2, XBOX or PC near you this fall, the game comes packing 18 Ford vehicles and the ...

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    FordBoldMoves Episode 6: The Future of Fuel, the Future of Ford

    The sixth webisode of the FordBoldMoves documentary begins with a statement of fact: "Ford has the worst fuel efficiency of any automaker in America." That's what we like about these little shorts – they can be brutally honest about the condition of Ford, even if they do tend to end with a ...

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    Bold Moves: Episode 3 - The Legend of Carroll Shelby

    The third installment of Ford's ambitious Bold Moves documentary series kicks off a three-part arc focused on the new GT500 . Fittingly, Part 1 centers on the man for which that car is named: Carroll Shelby. Chock full of great archival footage, the webisode begins with Carroll telling viewers in ...

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    Ford Bold Moves: Episode 2 - Commitment to Design

    Half Real World, half late-night SPEED channel documentary, Ford's Bold Moves campaign is onto its second episode, Commitment to Design. Ford design gurus J Mays, Peter Horbury and Hau Thai-Tang chime in to accept responsibility for bringing Ford back from the abyss via design. The episode ...

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    Reality TV: Ford's "Bold Moves" documentary hits the web

    Tuesday marks the launch of Ford Motor's "Bold Moves: The Future of Ford" online documentary series, which shows you "the inner workings of the automaker as it rebuilds its business in North America."Ford plans a new episode every week through the rest of the year, starting with the series kick-off ...


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