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    Report: Ford yanks ads from News of the World over UK phone hacking scandal

    British newspaper News of the World is in a heap of trouble right now, thanks to allegations that the Sunday paper tampered with the voice mail messages of a murdered girl. The phone message tampering charges have enraged the UK public, and Ford Motor Company isn't very happy either. Advertising ...

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    Videos: Ford hires wisecracking, handsy puppet to promote 2012 Focus

    Ford is very excited about its all-new 2012 Focus. The model will be the focus of a major advertising campaign moving forward, and the automaker has apparently decided to hire a spokesperson to travel the country and talk all-things Focus. Well, we say 'spokesperson,' but Ford is going in a very ...

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    VIDEO: Ford debuts slew of new Drive One commercials starring real people

    Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    Ford is feeling pretty good about its products right now, and the Blue Oval is spreading the word by doubling down with a multitude of new ads for print, web and TV. Ford's newest ads feature real Ford owners talking about features they like in their ...

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    What's Worth What? AdAge looks at values of automakers' marketing accounts

    Although auto industry money is a bit tight at the moment, in order to sell vehicles, automakers have to buy advertising. Lots of advertising, in big, expensive campaigns with high production values and creative that's at the vanguard of style. Advertising agencies that can handle the needs of ...

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    REPORT: Ford pushes ad agency to cancel bid for Chrysler work

    Chrysler isn't happy with its current marketing partner BBDO, and the Auburn Hills, MI-based automaker has put the word out that it would like some fresh perspective. Among the suitors vying for the $1.1 billion account is Grey, a London-based ad agency under the ownership of holding company WPP. ...

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    VIDEO: This is not how cars are built - Fiesta Love Factory

    If Willy Wonka made cars, this is what it would look like. The cold, hard reality is that automobiles are ground out like sausages in huge factories that ingest raw materials at one end and spit out shiny metal boxes filled with ticky-tacky at the other end. Marketing's a funny thing, though; ...


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