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forced induction

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    Report: Turbocharged Lamborghini? Not this decade, says Winkelmann

    Fear not, Lamborghini fans. According to Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of the brand, the company's vehicles will remain naturally aspirated "for now." Winkelmann recently spoke with Autocar, and said that the Raging Bull will remain turbo-free for at least the remainder of the decade. ...

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    Current generation BMW M3 to be last naturally aspirated M car

    The writing's been on the wall for some time, but the fate of naturally aspirated M cars from BMW is all but sealed: forced induction is the future and the next M3 will come equipped with a turbocharged engine. With next year's new emissions standards looming on the horizon, every automaker is ...

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    Report: All BMW four-cylinders will be turbocharged

    BMW X1 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We sure hope you BMW fans out there like your four-cylinders with forced induction. According to Autocar, the German automaker has committed to strapping a turbocharger to all of its four-cylinder engines in ...

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    BMW switching to turbocharged M cars

    After two decades of normally-aspirated high-revving engines shoehorned under the hoods of its M cars, BMW is changing direction and will begin to offer direct-injection turbocharged powerplants in its future high-performance flagships. The German automaker is blaming tough environmental ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford officially debuts TwinForce TT-V6

    Touted as a means to give V8-like horsepower with V6 fuel economy, the TwinForce V6 at this year's Detroit Auto Show stands as one of Ford's biggest announcements so far. Started with the Duratec 35 as a foundation, the engine's combination of turbocharging and direct injection yields a claimed 415 ...

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    RR of the Day - 1986 Mustang SVO

    Kicking off our forced-induction week with a tweeeeeee is Flickr member McTaylor's low-miles 1986 Mustang SVO. At least three of us Autobloggers are in love with this car. McTaylor prefers to keep his daily driver looking fairly understated, with only the really cool 2.3 fender badges giving a ...

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    Dual-speed supercharger for the H3

    Anyone who has driven a Hummer H3 has commented on the lack of power. Even with a manual transmission, the acceleration leaves a lot to be desired. In an effort to resolve this concern, European automotive technology company, Antonov, will be showing its innovative 2-speed supercharger drive ...

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    Absolutely sick amounts of power for the street and track

    There are some misguided folks out there who think that big displacement and technology are somehow mutually exclusive. And then there's Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines. His Project F Bomb engine (a twin-turbo 408 cubic inch small-block Chevy that threw down an evil 1480 HP and 1440 lb-ft) ...

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    Demystifying nitrous oxide, Part I

    Nitrous oxide is known by several names - "nitrous", "spray", "the bottle" , "giggle juice", "laughing gas", "N-O-S" (just please dignify yourself and don't refer to it as "nawz") - but yet it's also perhaps the least understood piece of technology that is available to a modern hot rodder. ...

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    Big boost, no waiting! Antonov debuts two-speed supercharger

    Racers and backyard mechanics alike have been searching for years for a forced-induction system that generates boost from idle to redline for years. Pricy sequential turbo systems and their ilk have done the job to this point, but Atonov is proposing an altogether different system: a two-speed ...


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