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    Report: Fortune ranks 10 most powerful women in autos [UPDATE]

    With talk of Mary Barra as one of four potential successors to Dan Akerson as CEO of General Motors, it seems like ripe time to take a step back and acknowledge the most powerful women in the auto industry. Fortune made that easy for us by compiling a top-10 list, and sitting at the top is no ...

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    Report: Infiniti registers highest emotional attachment among car brands

    Do you love your car? Like, really love your car? How about your iPhone? According to Forbes, a group called New Media Metrics has a way to quantify just how much you adore your devices, and how that emotional connection determines your purchasing behavior. The metric is called Leveraging ...

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    Report: California "dominates" list of cities with most stolen cars

    The city where your car is most likely to be stolen is in California. In fact, the top three cities are in California, and of the top 10, six are in that state. So says a report by Forbes that compares the number of stolen cars per 100,000 population. Using that ratio, Fresno, California, with ...

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    Report: Automakers make up 10% of Forbes list of 100 largest companies

    Forbes has measured the largest 100 companies in the world, and 10 automakers have made the list. This list is unique in that it measures the size of a company using a combination of sales, assets, profits and market value. Volkswagen was rated as the top automaker in the top 100 (number 17 ...

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    Detroit, F-150 and interstates among Fortune's "100 great things about America"

    Fortune joined this weekend's parade of all things USA with its list of "100 great things about America." Be forewarned: the list itself is exceedingly dopey. After all, Clif bars, 60 Minutes, GEICO commercials, and LeBron James are among the things that Fortune somehow manages to rank ahead of ...

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    Journalists visiting GM find out firsthand that building a car ain't easy

    Over the years, we've heard of the supposed vast riches of the United Auto Worker. When accounting for health care and legacy costs, the typical UAW floor-sweeper earns over $70 per hour. The hard truth, however, is that even the tenured line worker receives less than half that amount in their ...

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    Forbes names 12 hardest new cars to find

    2010 Audi Q5 - click above for high-res gallery
    With many automakers scaling back production to better balance supply with demand, it's not surprising there are several hard-to-find models right now. Forbes Magazine made some calls and did a little research and turned up what they say is the top ...

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    Forbes names Top 10 Guilt-Free Luxury Cars

    In today's economy of high gas prices, luxury automobiles get a bad rap. However, Forbes points out, some luxury sedans and SUVs are frugal in their fuel consumption, and even retain a healthy amount of their residual values. Based on those two main factors, has named their Top Ten list ...

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    Forbes lists the Top 10 Fastest Fictional Cars

    Employing research that they certainly did not get from AOL Autos, Forbes is at it again with a list of the Top 10 Fastest Fictional Cars. One of the things we find odd about the list is that there are a number of cars included that you can actually buy or make pretty easily, like James Bond's ...

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    Forbes comes up with top-ten most expensive luxury cars to repair

    Buying a luxury car or SUV is the dream of many readers, and while a BMW or Mercedes will buy you some instant street-cred, they'll also cost you an arm and a leg if it ever needs fixing. A repair that may be no big deal for a Chevy Cobalt can cost much more in a luxury vehicle due to high-tech ...

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    Forbes lists the best and worst states to own a car

    Forbes has a slideshow of the best and worst places to own a car, and you might be surprised at a few of the winners and losers. The rankings are based on the results of's True Cost to Own (TCO) study. That study takes into account depreciation, financing, insurance, taxes and ...

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    Forbes picks top 15 most overpriced vehicles

    Using a formula that takes into account what a buyer actually pays for a vehicle, J.D. Power APEAL Survey results and the Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey, Forbes has come up with the 15 vehicles for which you'll probably pay too. The most overpriced vehicle will cost you $7,158 more than ...

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    Forbes reports UAW/Chrysler strike is over, but it's not

    UPDATE: A more fleshed out report from Forbes was published at 4:25 PM EST that still maintains the strike is over. The new report claims a tentative agreement was in UAW president Ron Gettelfinger's hands an hour after the strike started. This report has not been confirmed by other sources. click ...

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    Forbes lists 10 cars that require a passport to buy

    In Ten Cars You Can't Buy in the US, Forbes offers a sampling of tasty metal that US buyers just aren't good enough to put money down on. However, the real title should be Ten Cars You Can't Buy in the US Yet, or Any More, or That You Wouldn't Buy Even if You Could. The article focuses mainly on ...

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    Forbes names "Most Affordable Luxury Cars"

    One of our favorite non-auto-publications-laughably-doing-car-stories, Forbes has just issued its list of the most affordable luxury cars available today. Sound like an oxymoron? Well, it is, sort of, but their point is a logical one. Even the entry-level models from most luxury players are getting ...

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    Top 10 cities in which NOT to speed

    Few moments in life are less welcomed than when a sprightly sprint in your automobile is cut short by flashing red lights in your rearview mirror. In that moment, you know that you're out well over $100, you'll have to take time off work for court, and your insurance is likely to go up by 10 ...

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    Forbes pairs the world's best roads to the world's best rides

    Forbes and a few special guests play matchmaker, putting some magnificent stretches of blacktop together with some magnificent wheels. California is, of course, well represented among the entrants -- Danica Patrick likes Highway 1 around Monterey in a Bentley GTC, and Bob Bondurant likes ...

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    Forbes picks the 10 Sexiest Cars

    We thought it was getting to be a long time since Forbes had put together another Top Ten list, but this time the journal of choice for successful businessmen put a twist on the annual tradition: instead of simply picking ten cars and assigning ranks by degree of sexiness, Forbes picked the ...

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    Spoiled Brats: Forbes makes teen-car wishlist

    No matter how dramatic your explanations of how you walked barefoot uphill in the snow both ways are, the fact remains that teenagers will at least need access to a car from time to time. Given that your youngun' will be talking on the phone, listening to the radio, text messaging, chewing gum and ...

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    Forbes picks Best, Worst and Weirdest car names

    Comparing inappropriate car naming to McDonald's practice of calling its cheeseburgers "Royal" in France, Forbes magazine has come up with a list of the best, worst and weirdest car monikers. The editors at Forbes combed through the automotive encyclopedias and picked out a couple dozen vehicles ...


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