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15Fortune ranks 10 most powerful women in autos [UPDATE]

With talk of Mary Barra as one of four potential successors to Dan Akerson as CEO of General Motors, it seems like ripe time to take a step back and acknowledge the most powerful women in the auto industry. Fortune made that easy for us by compiling a top-10 list, and sitting at the top is no other than Mary Barra.

124Forbes columnist says Tesla Model S is a 'great coal car'

Every party has a pooper, and in this case it appears to be Forbes columnist Alex Epstein. Amid near-universal praise for the Tesla Model S electric vehicle, Epstein attempts to pop that balloon by calling the Model S a "great coal car," pointing out that about two-thirds of the world's electricity production comes from coal, natural gas and oil – and only a miniscule percentage is from renewable resources like solar and wind.

AddForbes columnist says Tesla EVs are 'niche' vehicles, just like most cars

Did Forbes just publish an article defending a plug-in vehicle? Sure did, when one of the publication's columnists offered a counterpoint to that famous piece in The New York Times that criticized the Tesla Model S for less-than-advertised driving range.

1Google's Autonomous Car Could Create Trillion-Dollar Economic Impact

According to Forbes, Google's development of a self-driving car could create trillions in economic impact. But, interestingly, not all will benefit.

9Forbes proposes new '21st Century' job: EV valet service

High-school students with licenses who are looking for driving gigs, rejoice! There could be more valet-parking jobs opening up – and ones that aren't just at expensive restaurants and private parties. Here's what Forbes contributor Jeff McMahon is suggesting, though we're not sure if he's being totally earnest.

52Infiniti registers highest emotional attachment among car brands

Do you love your car? Like, really love your car? How about your iPhone? According to Forbes, a group called New Media Metrics has a way to quantify just how much you adore your devices, and how that emotional connection determines your purchasing behavior.

421Forbes columnist takes stab at GM's 'scams' with Chevy Volt sales numbers

A Forbes piece is blasting the Chevrolet Volt as a failure again, calling General Motors out for what the magazine says is a manipulation of sales numbers for the extended-range electric vehicle.

106Forbes gives three reasons to be skeptical of Tesla's success

The future's cloudy, but you should still buy the stock. That's the message Forbes is sending about Tesla Motors.

19California "dominates" list of cities with most stolen cars

The city where your car is most likely to be stolen is in California. In fact, the top three cities are in California, and of the top 10, six are in that state. So says a report by Forbes that compares the number of stolen cars per 100,000 population.

10Automakers make up 10% of Forbes list of 100 largest companies

Forbes has measured the largest 100 companies in the world, and 10 automakers have made the list. This list is unique in that it measures the size of a company using a combination of sales, assets, profits and market value.

148Bob Lutz gives up trying to convince the right they're wrong about the Chevy Volt

Bob Lutz has learned something: you can't teach right-wing pundits the truth.

57Journalists visiting GM find out firsthand that building a car ain't easy

Over the years, we've heard of the supposed vast riches of the United Auto Worker. When accounting for health care and legacy costs, the typical UAW floor-sweeper earns over $70 per hour. The hard truth, however, is that even the tenured line worker receives less than half that amount in their paycheck before taxes, and about 20 percent of the UAW workforce makes only $14 per hour.

AddForbes: Midwest can, and should, use its own ethanol

It's no secret that the writers at Forbes are not fans of plug-in vehicles. What do they suggest we use instead? Burn ethanol, at least if you live in the Midwest.

AddForbes brings the plug-in hate to the Chevy Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

25Forbes names 12 hardest new cars to find

2010 Audi Q5 - click above for high-res gallery

AddWill China be the new Electric Car mecca? It has to

Electric vehicles are striving to have a beneficial impact on the world's economy and are stirring interest from specialized and general media outlets. Forbes, for example, has just published an article on how China is going to become or, we should say, needs to become the mecca of the Electric Car.

AddGM makes 9 of the 10 most efficient American cars

Hey, always thinking that only Japanese and Europeans have a lot of fuel-efficient vehicle choices? American automakers also have fuel-efficient models in their lineup, usually based on "global" models designed for other markets, like GM does with its Opel/Vauxhall European subsidiary or its Daewoo operations in South Korea. In fact, in a new list compiled by Forbes, GM models took nine of the ten fuel miser models, with only a Ford Focus stealing a spot away from the General.

27Forbes lists the Top 10 Fastest Fictional Cars

Employing research that they certainly did not get from AOL Autos, Forbes is at it again with a list of the Top 10 Fastest Fictional Cars. One of the things we find odd about the list is that there are a number of cars included that you can actually buy or make pretty easily, like James Bond's Aston Martin DBS or the General Lee. That, and a lot of cars for sale today are as fast or faster than some fictional ones on the list.

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