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    eBay Find of the Day: "New" '73 Volvo P1800ES

    If a car's been sitting at a dealership for 34 years, you'd expect it to develop a certain amount of vehicular arthritis, in the form of brittle rubber, aged braking components and rodent havens. In the case of this Volvo 1800ES, originally owned by Gordon Turner, proprietor of Turner Volvo, it's ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 2007 Lamborghini LP640

    For all the ridiculousness this car exudes, you have to admit, this LP640 has brass balls. Or is that what you have to have to drive this thing on public roads? Either way, bids are currently at $180,000 and the reserve isn't yet met, so if you're kicking around some extra cabbage, this Lambo, in ...

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    Is the Chrysler Group for sale?

    DaimlerChrysler reported third quarter earnings today of $686 million in net profit, but its Chrysler Group division dragged down that profit margin by posting a loss of $1.47 billion, a figure that completely erased the gain of $1.24 billion made by Mercedes-Benz. During a presentation today, ...

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    JCB owner ends pursuit of Jaguar

    Sir Anthony Bamford has decided that he's not interested in taking Jaguar off of Ford's hands, at least not if it's bundled Land Rover. The owner of JCB, a construction and agricultural equipment company, who recently captured the title of world's fastest diesel with his 350.092mph DieselMax, ...


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