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    Auctions: Chip Foose custom 1953 Ford F-100 sells for $170k at Barrett-Jackson [UPDATE: w/video]

    There may not be a more recognizable name in the world of custom cars than Chip Foose, and those star-struck (and well-healed) fans of Foose just had the opportunity to purchase one of the designer's custom creations for their very own garage. This 1953 Ford F-100 pickup was created to ...

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    Chip Foose builds a custom 2010 Ford Mustang that you can win

    2010 Foose Ford Mustang GT - click above for a high-res gallery
    If you've ever seen Chip Foose at work, it's hard not to admire the guy. He's got more natural talent in his pinky finger than most of us car guys can dream of, and each of the vehicles he builds ends up being a work of art. He ...

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    SEMA 2008: Chip Foose unveils his latest creation, the Terracuda

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Foose Terracuda Only Chip Foose could make brown look so good. The story goes that one of his customers brought in a Breitling watch and asked Chip to make his car the same color. This was the result, a 1970 Plymouth Barrauda painted in Terracuda Brown with ...

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    We're out too! Foose Design also cuts ties with Unique Performance

    Foose Design and the man for which the company is named, Chip Foose, announced last Friday that it is severing all ties with Unique Performance. The Dallas-based company had agreements with Foose to produce the Foose Mustang Stallion (pictured), Foose Camaro, Foose Challenger and Foose Motorcycle, ...

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    VIDEO: From cutting up Ferraris to building the Eco-Jet: Metalcrafters

    The most entertaining part of this video, by far, is the stupid ad-libbed "purr" from the newscaster at the end, as they go to banter before the probable throw to the weather. That's what newscasters do when the story is done, say some insipid crap, then toss to the meteorologist to segue from ...

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    New York Auto Show: Ford Chip Foose F-150, in the flesh

    click above image to see 38 desktop wallpaper-sized pics of the Foose F-150Ford currently lacks a high-performance truck offering, and Chip Foose's relationship with the Dearborn manufacturer has strengthened in recent months. The combination of these two elements are seemingly all that was ...

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    Have you driven a Foose lately?

    Ford Motor Company will make it possible for the masses to do just that as it has worked out a deal with legendary hot rodder Chip Foose to produce a limited number of very special vehicles to be sold in Ford showrooms across the US beginning in 2007. Ford will not disclose which models or in what ...

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    SEMA: Foose Hemisfear and no loathing in Las Vegas

    SEMA may have been overrun with sport compacts and speaker boxes years ago, but the hot rod still rules and the Foose Hemisfear found at the DaimlerChrysler display is one of the best we've seen this trip. It's a car that's captivating from every angle. From the exposed carbon fiber to the ...

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    MoPar madness! Foose "Overhaulin'" Challenger to see production

    The '71 Challenger that Chip Foose whipped into shape on TLC's "Overhaulin'" TV show back in 2004 must have been a big hit, because Foose is partnering with Texas-based Unique Performance to build a limited production run of Challengers based on the TV version.The limited edition muscle cars will ...


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