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23Where are the flying cars we were promised? Popular Mechanics thinks it has the answer

Terrafugia Transition – Click above for high-res image gallery

12Maverick flying car can actually fly, and you'll never be without a parachute

i-tec Mavric flying buggy – Click above for high-res image gallery

2World's oldest known flying car headed for the auction block?

1935 Skroback "roadable" aircraft – Click above for image gallery

24Report: Washington starting its own "Transformer" program

The obvious glib commentary here would invoke Optimus Prime, or something. Instead, we're going to digress momentarily and say that the best kind of transformer involves an LP record and an SL1200. Either way, DARPA has its own transforming going on. The Pentagon's latest initiative has been dubbed Transformer, and it aims to make the prognostications of 1955 come true - flying cars and all. (Bonus points for DARPA if they can get them to fold up neatly into briefcases.)

15Biofuel Skycar headed for production in 2010

Parajet Skycar prototypes – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddAnother flying vehicle, this time a motorcycle

Click above to enlarge the SkyBike rendering, click here to watch a video

19eBay Find of the Day: One of six Aerocars ever made

Click above for more shots of the Aerocar in eBay

7New York 2008: Milner Motors AirCar lands in Javits Center

Click above for high-res gallery of the flying car from Milner

5VIDEO: Onion interviews automaker execs, flying cars are out

Try as they might, The Onion got the typical stonewall response from GM, Ford, and Toyota when pressing the automakers about their flying car programs. All these companies do is deny, deny, deny. Even when the Onion called them out, pointing to their secret labs where engineers fly around gleefully like Charlie Bucket and his grandfather all hopped up on hotrod soda, flat denial was the order of the day. We can expect these programs to be pushed further underground, now that their cover was near

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