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    Get your Flux Capacitors right here!

    Okay, let's get this straight. Back to the Future movies: cool. Making your DeLorean into a replica of the movie car: incredibly lame. Halfway between would be a reproduction flux capacitor. If you did buy this thing, you could certainly attain full lameness by installing in in your non-DeLorean. ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: Peugeot Flux in the flesh

    Click the image above for a high res gallery of the Peugeot Flux concept.We can't imagine the thrill Mihai Panaitescu felt creep us his spine when he walked into the hall in Frankfurt and saw his design rendered in full form for the world to see. The winner of Peugeot's 4th annual design ...

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    Peugeot design contest winner revealed

    The winner of the Peugeot Design Contest 2007 is the Flux. Twenty-year-old designer Mihai Panaitescu said the car is meant to please its occupants in every way. While we can think of several ways it couldn't please us (tax preparation comes to mind), it did please Peugeot's judges. See the ...


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