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    REPORT: Toyota develops its own flower for cleaner air at Prius plant

    Automakers make cars and trucks, no surprises there. Some even make other interesting things, like Honda, which also builds motorcycles, lawn mowers, jets, robots and solar cells. But until now, we haven't heard of any car company that develops its own species of flowers. Thankfully, Toyota has ...

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    Toyota's "Harmony Floralscapes" bloom along LA, SF highways

    Toyota's "Harmony Floralscape" – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota's TV ads for the 2010 Prius feature a world of flowers blooming whenever the iconic hybrid drives by. This visual message is now available in the physical world thanks to a living ad designed by Greenroad Media. ...

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    Porsche flower wheel found in Russia

    click above image to enlarge var digg_url = ''; According to English Russia, our favorite site of kitschy Russian culture, this unique form of self-imposed vehicular vandalism is all the rage in the former Soviet country. This ...


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