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flex fuel

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    Report: Ferrari FF converted to run on bio-ethanol packs 875 hp

    There are drawbacks to every kind of alternative to burning fossil fuels in our cars. Electric cars don't have enough range.Hybrids are burdened with what essentially boils down to two parallel powertrains. Hydrogen is limited to where it is available. Bio-ethanol has its own drawbacks, but don't ...

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    Report: Automaker group voices concerns over federal ethanol legislation

    Lawmakers and car manufacturers often find themselves on opposite ends of debates, and a proposed mandate to make most vehicles E85 capable only proves that point. The Detroit News reports that Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, has sponsored a bill that would force automakers to make 90 percent of ...

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    All 2011 Buick Regals to be flex-fuel capable starting this fall

    2011 Buick Regal Turbo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Starting this fall, all new 2011 Buick Regals will have flex-fuel capability. The first boatloads of Regals from Germany have begun rolling off the docks in New Jersey in the past week and are being sent out to dealers. The ...

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    All Bentley Continental models going flex-fuel in June

    2010 Bentley Continental Supersports – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It may not be the most interesting news you read all week, but we now have a date at which all Bentley Continentals will be able to gulp down whiskey with the best of 'em: June.( Well, not exactly whiskey, but ...

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    Not Done Yet: Hummer H3, H3T get biofuel capability, new colors for 2010

    2010 Hummer H3 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Can a Hummer be green? The brand that most obviously represents American excess in the minds of environmentalists – though Hummer's vehicles aren't actually worse than any other large SUV – has seemingly been fighting off its ...

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    Geneva 2009: Bentley takes a tipple, Continental SuperSports goes FFV

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2010 Bentley Continental Supersports
    Bentley claims that the new Continental Supersports is the fastest, most powerful production Bentley ever produced. But beyond raw power and speed, CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen said it was the beginning of a new era for ...

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    From Royal Blue to Green: the Queen retrofits her Bentleys to run on bio-fuel

    Click above to view the Bentley State Limousine in our hi-res gallery
    Britain's royal family may not have the power to legislate any new initiatives, green or otherwise, but the heads of state still wield influence over public opinion and have taken up the cause of environmentally-conscious ...

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    Ford gives 88-MPG flex-fuel, plug-in Escape Hybrid to Department of Energy

    The Blue Oval has gifted the U.S. Department of Energy a one-of-a-kind vehicle: a plug-in Escape Hybrid that can run on E85, has a 30-mile range on pure electric power at up to 40 mph, and gets 88 mpg in the city and 50 mpg on the highway. Yes, you read that correctly. But you might want to read it ...

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    2009 HUMMER H2 and H2 SUT will be E85 compatible

    In Dallas, a businessman has spent half a million dollars to install nine pumps that dispense E85, E10, and biodiesel. The catch: the businessman is a HUMMER dealer, and the pumps are next to his dealership. The station is called Classic Clean Fuels, and it is intended to make a statement for next ...

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    The US according to Lutz: ethanol, yes, diesels, not so much

    In the fuel economy and future tech debate, the hybrid vs. diesel vs. hydrogen fuel cells vs. smaller cars and smaller engines always provokes a fair bit of discussion among Autoblog commentators. At this point, no one yet knows what's going to win since nobody knows how the volatile mix of ...

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    AutoblogGreen reviews the Dodge Avenger

    If you're interested on getting an Autoblog Garage-style take on the new Dodge Avenger, head over to AutoblogGreen, where Sam Abuelsamid reviews the medium-sized Charger doppelganger after spending a few days with one of the sedans in SXT trim. Why AutoblogGreen? Well, Sam ran the car on E85 once ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford officially debuts TwinForce TT-V6

    Touted as a means to give V8-like horsepower with V6 fuel economy, the TwinForce V6 at this year's Detroit Auto Show stands as one of Ford's biggest announcements so far. Started with the Duratec 35 as a foundation, the engine's combination of turbocharging and direct injection yields a claimed 415 ...

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    Brazil's flex-fuel vehicle market share drops - to "only" 76 percent

    May new vehicle sales in Brazil were up 25 percent year-over-year, but the market share of flex-fuel vehicles fell for the second month in a row, to a mere 76.3 percent of the total.The sale of flex-fuel cars fell a fraction of a percent as ethanol prices rose, but the next sugar cane harvest is ...

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    Robert Redford wants you to Kick the Oil Habit

    The Center for American Progress, which bills itself as a nonpartisan organization (we'll let our readers form their own opinion), has kicked off a campaign to Kick the Oil Habit. Academy Award winner Robert Redford was given a spot on's front page to speak his mind ...

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    Toyota hybrid production could hit 1 million units within next decade

    As automakers blitz Washington with their answers to the U.S. dependency on increasingly expensive foreign oil, it was Toyota's turn to step up to the plate Wednesday. Speaking to the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, Toyota's advanced technology manager, William Reinert, focused on his ...

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    PSA: Don't use E85 if your vehicle wasn't designed for it

    The likelihood of accidentally using E85 in a vehicle designed only to run on straight gasoline is pretty damn small, considering the difficulty of even intentionally encountering an E85 pump. Regardless, a group of automakers and petroleum industry officials are reminding consumers that ...

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    Detroit automakers pledge support for "25x25" Initiative

    As reported earlier, the CEOs of the Big Three  met with Congressional leaders Thursday, pledging their support for U.S. energy security through advanced technology initiatives and alternative fuels.Tom LaSorda, Bill Ford and Rick Wagoner (right) told Congress that they support the "25x25" ...

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    2007 Dodge Durango official pics and deets

    Dodge unveiled its refreshened Durango for 2007 yesterday at the Dallas Auto Show with the announcement that in 2008 the company will be producing the Durango HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle). The HEV version of Dodge’s big brute ute will feature the company’s lauded 5.7L HEMI V8 mated to ...

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    UK gets its first bioethanol E85 pump

    Just in time for the first deliveries of Saab's 9-5 BioPower flex-fuel car, supermarket chain Morrisons opened the UK's very first E85 pump Wednesday. Pump 1 will open in Norwich, followed by four other sites in eastern England.The Harvest BioEthanol E85 fuel will be priced about 2 pence per liter ...


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