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    PSA: Top 10 rental car secrets

    The folks over at have compiled a common-sense list of the "Top 10 Things Your Retntal Company Won't Tell You."  In point of fact, we'd reckon that most of the pointers are forehead-smackingly obvious, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth a quick refresher, or a good ...

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    Volkswagen snags three Fleet World Honours

    Fleet World magazine recently awarded automaker Volkswagen three of its Fleet World Honours for 2006: Fleet Manufacturer of the Year, Technology, and Best Diesel Range. The judges had selected VW for Fleet Manufacturer because of its model range and high level of service even with increasing ...

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    Sonata incentives pile up as Hyundai tries to meet sales goals

    Moving 150,000 units of any vehicle is no easy task, and it looks as if Hyundai is learning this the hard way with its recently introduced Sonata. The incentives continue to climb - currently they're averaging just over $2,000 per vehicle  - and fleets currently represent 30% of the ...


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