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    Video: Brazilian Stock Car driver engulfed in flames. Stops, drops, rolls... survives

    There's no doubt about it – racing can be a dangerous sport. There are any number of accidents that could leave you injured, paralyzed or worse. Fortunately, safety equipment has managed to keep up in lock-step with our ever-increasing need for speed, which means all but the most heinous ...

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    SEMA 2009: Knee-high tri-axle pickup by Air-Zenith is down and (not so) dirty

    Air-Zenith custom pickup - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're not exactly sure what this used to be in its former life, but it all kinds of cool in its current iteration. Just knee-high to a Hobbit, this six-wheel convertible was parked in the shadow of Bigfoot and we almost tripped ...

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    Another Ferrari goes up in smoke

    The picture above is, unfortunately, not a thinly-disguised prototype of a rocket-powered Ferrari F430. The sad truth is that yet another Prancing Horse has been destroyed, this time not by poor driving (at least not ostensibly), but by a fire in the engine bay. The picture was taken by the side of ...

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    Ford responds to flaming Super Duty video

    Our good buddy Mike Levine at did the legwork and got in touch with Ford safety spokesperson Dan Jarvis to talk about the video we showed you yesterday that features a 2008 Ford Super Duty pickup spewing flames from its tailpipes. Jarvis confirmed that the truck in the video is one ...

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    VIDEO: Ford Super Duty diesel throwing flames

    This video of a 2008 Ford Super Duty pickup shooting flames from its tailpipes surfaced last week over at, a forum only open to registered Ford diesel technicians. It made its way to some other forums before finally popping up on more mainstream sites today. Literally nothing is ...


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