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    Rumormill: Cadillac XTS to become Opel flagship sedan?

    According to, Opel is considering using Cadillac's all-new big sedan, the XTS, as the base for its new flagship car, which would likely carry the name Omega. speculates that Opel could use GM's 3.6-liter direct-injection V6 that generates 304 horsepower or, ...

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    Official: BMW opens 8.6-acre flagship showroom in Abu Dhabi

    Where would you expect to find the largest BMW dealership in the world? At BMW headquarters in Munich? Somewhere in Texas, perhaps, where everything is bigger? Or maybe in California, a state that represents one of the automaker's largest markets? If you're shouting, "No! It's in Abu Dhabi!," ...

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    Report: Cadillac likely to approve flagship, more hybrid models

    According to The Detroit Bureau, Cadillac is aiming to produce a new high-end flagship on the massive Omega platform. The news comes in the wake of the exuberant public reaction to the company's Ciel Concept, and General Motors says that a hard-top version of the lengthy convertible is already in ...

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    Report: Volvo backtracks on flagship sedan plans

    Volvo Concept Universe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It seems everyone and their cousin wants a slice of the big pie. Mercedes-Benz has the S-Class, BMW the 7 Series, Audi the A8 and Lexus the LS. Then there's less conventional choices like the Jaguar XJ, Maserati Quattroporte, ...

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    Rolls-Royce opens its largest showroom yet in Abu Dhabi

    The news these days from the Middle East mostly focuses on warfare and revolution, but not in Abu Dhabi. The gulf emirate remains an island of tranquility, and that's where Rolls-Royce has opted to open its largest showroom ever. The dealership includes some 900 square meters of showroom space ...

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    GT-R-powered Infiniti flagship officially canned

    Any hope of a Nissan GT-R-powered flagship from Infiniti have been officially dashed. According to Brian Carolin, Nissan's Senior Veep of Sales and Marketing, "It's fair to say that there's nothing in the product plan for a flagship right now. It's just not a priority in today's climate."Rumors of ...

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    Spy Shots: 2009 BMW 7-Series snagged in Melbourne

    BMW's future flagship 7-Series sedan has been spotted in Melbourne, Australia on its way back from a photo shoot. Not due until 2009, this all-new platform will carry BMW's internal designation F01/F02 (the F02 is the long-wheelbase model). It is expected to go into production later this year with ...

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    Ghosn takes his Qs from dealers on new Infiniti flagship

    Before unveiling the simply fantastic new GT-R in Los Angeles, Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn did not appear to be a big fan of high-end halo cars. Renault's line-up is limited primarily to compact hatchbacks and sedans, while the Infiniti Q45 was discontinued two years ago without a ...

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    Rendered speculation: Alfa Romeo 169

    With the Alfa Junior hatch gearing up for production, the 8C Competizione being delivered to customers and the 159, Brera and Spider gorgeous-ing up roads around the world, the next item on Alfa Romeo's plate is the 169, its upcoming flagship sedan. Although the 169, spy shots of which we brought ...

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    Air Supply: Porsche Design flagship store opens at Frankfurt airport

    Porsche and Ferrari fight like cats and dogs. Legend has it that a major motivation in the development of the F40 was Porsche's release of the 959. Fast forward 20 years when Ferrari rolled out the F430 GT to usurp the 911's dominance of sportscar racing. In an increasingly commercialized market, ...

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    Infiniti to expand lineup with 10 new vehicles by 2010

    Dave Guilford of Automotive News sat down with Carlos Tavares, Nissan MoCo's global product chief, and the fruits of his investigative labors revealed that Infiniti has big plans over the next three years. A product push that involves a number of new models and expansion of the Infiniti brand into ...

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    Cadillac replacing DTS and STS with one vehicle, entry-level model coming

    The rumor that the Cadillac DTS and STS will be nixed has officially been confirmed in an interview with the brand's general manager, Jim Taylor. Sales of both models are down for the year, and Taylor admits that one premium-luxury sedan will be developed to compete in the segment.In the Automotive ...

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    Nissan prices 2008 Maxima from $28,130

    2007 model shownThe Nissan Maxima is back for 2008, and prices for the premium midsize sedan have jumped ever so slightly to $28,130 for the SE and $30,380 for up-model SL. Nissan for some reason felt the need to bump the price by $80 for both models. New for 2008 is a Platinum Edition Package that ...

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    Spy Shots: 2009 Lincoln MKS

    Jim Dunne has dunne it again... one of the world's most famous (and most irritating, if you're an OEM engineer) spy photographers has caught the 2009 Lincoln MKS as it ran out for a little test jaunt around Dearborn. While Dunne admits that the presence of an early-prototype MKS is no big whoop ...

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    REPORT: Aston Martin considering mid-engined flagship

    Company officials swear it's not in the cards, but industry sources are suggesting that Aston Martin's new ownership is mulling over the possibility of building a mid-engined supercar to top the range. When the announcement was made that Aston was going independent, CEO Ulrich Bez showed a product ...

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    Lutz confirms V12 in development for Cadillac flagship

    Lutz unveiles the Cadillac Sixteen concept at NAIAS 2003 in Detroit It's official. It's been confirmed: Cadillac is preparing a new V12 flagship. That's straight from the mouth of our favorite man in the business, Bob Lutz. On a recent trip across the pond, GM's venerated product guru confirmed in ...


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