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    Recalls: Ford recalls Five Hundred, Mercury Montego sedans over fuel tank woes

    Ford has announced through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it is recalling nearly 3,000 examples of its Five Hundred and Mercury Montego (pictured) sedans from the 2007 model year. The action, which affects 2,945 vehicles, is due to potentially defective welds between the ...

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    Report: Ford dealers say Kuga should be named Escape in U.S. - Do you agree? [w/POLL]

    2008 Ford Kuga in front, possible 2011 Ford Kuga out back – click above for high-res image gallery
    Here's the skinny: Ford's current Escape is heading the way of the dodo bird. In its place will be the Kuga, a much less dowdy looking compact CUV that should compete nicely with the likes of ...

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    Video: Live from Dearborn - Autoblog drives the 2008 Ford Taurus

    Click on the Taurus for a high-res galleryAt Ford's 2008 model preview at the Dearborn Proving Ground, we had the opportunity drive the newly-reborn Taurus back-to-back with its immediate predecessor, the Five Hundred, and the differences were immediately apparent. Side-by-side, the Taurus is ...

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    Taurus gets a new tagline

    It should come as no surprise that the Taurus and its siblings perform well on crash tests. The platform was developed from the Volvo P2 architecture that provides the basis for the original S80, as well as the S60 and outgoing V70. The Taurus has just earned itself five-star ratings in all of the ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Mercury Montego Premier

    click above image for desktop-sized pics of the 2007 Mercury Montego Alas, Montego, we hardly knew ye. Of course, the large sedan from Mercury is not going away, but being relaunched as the Sable with a new schnoz, larger engine, and some interior upgrades. The Montego name will once again drift ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #57

    Episode #57 is a breezy little number, clocking in around 32 minutes long. Though on the short side, it's action-packed! We recap the Chicago show, paucity of activity and all. For starters, we return to one of our favorite subjects recently, the impending Pontiac G8. Let's just say it's even ...

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    Ford's Mark Fields announces Bold Move: Bring back Taurus & Sable brands

    Making both a bold and simple move, Ford's North American boss Mark Fields confirmed this morning what we already knew, that the Taurus and Sable brands will be resurrected for 2008. Fields, delivering the keynote address at the Chicago Auto Show this morning, said the Ford Five Hundred nameplate ...

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    All in a Name: No end to the free advice for Ford, no need to rechange names

    Click the image above for the Autoblog Five-Hundred gallery In the news, at the water cooler, and in your favorite auto magagine, there is no shortage of advice for Ford Motor Company. Advice for new engines, better marketing, and rear drive architectures come flowing in at all angles. Most of ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Peter Horbury

    Peter Horbury is responsible for the design strategy and execution of all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in North America. At this year's Detroit Auto Show, one of the unquestioned stars on the floor was the stunning 400-horsepower Lincoln MKR. We sat down with Peter in Detroit to talk about ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: We finally bring live shots of the Ford Focus and Five Hundred

    After the debut of the Interceptor and MKR, the redesigned Focus and Five Hundred got lost in the buzz, so now, we finally bring you live shots of Ford's people movers. Enjoy. -Ed.Before trotting out its three concept cars, the Ford Motor Company took the opportunity at the Detroit Auto Show to ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Ford-Five Hundred

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery var digg_url = ''; For 2008, Ford has addressed many of the major issues that were preventing the Ford Five Hundred from being the sales leader that they had hoped for. ...

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    Will the Ford Taurus return?

    Just when it seemed that we would never see the Taurus again, new Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally says that he was a big fan of the Taurus and even rented one on a recent business trip to check it out. His feelings date back 20 years to a research study he was doing on Ford's production system ...

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    Ford recalling 145,000 vehicles in the U.S.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford will be recalling close to 140,000 Five Hundreds and Mercury Montegos, along with over six thousand Hybrid Escapes.The cause of the recall on the Five Hundred and its Mercury stable mate is a faulty door latch that may ...

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    Spy Shot: 2008 Ford Five-Hundred

    The Ford Five Hundred is getting a 2008 makeover en route to its 2012 replacement. As we reported earlier, the facelifted full-size sedan will adopt Ford's new three-bar chrome family grille, as well as a revised cabin. Looks like there'll also be a butt-lift for the rear end, which is also masked ...

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    Ford's Ambassador Club attempts to increase employee discount sales

    Ford Motor Company employees and retirees each account for less than one AXY-Plan sale per year (the AXY-Plan is Ford's employee and supplier discount program). The company claims that if it could only add one additional discounted sale per employee and retiree each year, a market share gain ...

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    Harris poll ranks the top "buzz-worthy" vehicles from 2005

    Of the vehicles released in 2005, the Chevrolet Cobalt generated the most "buzz" among Generation Y buyers, with the Hummer H3 attracting the most attention from grunge-era Gen Xers. Baby-boomers flocked to Dodge's retro-esque Charger, and the grey-haired set went bonkers for the Ford Five ...

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    Spyshot: 2008 Ford Five Hundred bagged!

    As Edmunds Inside Line correctly points out, Ford looks to be readying more facelifts for next year than a Los Angeles plastic surgeon. The latest to get the Norelco flat-bar grille treatment would appear to be the 2008 Five Hundred sedan, whose value and interior volumes have come in for praise, ...

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    Lucerne, Fusion hitting sweet spots

    Consumers apparently were not waiting for the latest Consumer Report on what vehicles to purchase. According to Don Hammonds of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the new full-sized Buick Lucerne, which replaces the LeSabre and the Park Avenue; and Ford's new mid-sized Fusion, one of two replacements for ...


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