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AddDOE auctioning off Fisker's $168-million loan

If you've ever wanted to buy Fisker Automotive – not just a Karma, but the whole company – the opportunity is coming. The federal government is looking for a buyer for the automaker's $168 million Department of Energy debt note. That number comes from the original loan commitment of $528 million. Fisker only received $192 million of that funding, however, and the DOE has since "recouped more than $28 million from the company's accounts." It's that last $168 million that is proving to

AddFisker might have received complete $529m loan under Paul Ryan's plan

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan might have supported full disbursement of the U.S. Energy Department's planned $529 million loan to extended-range plug-in vehicle maker Fisker Automotive. Then again, he might not have. Ah, politics.

AddFisker lays off employees, renegotiating with DOE on loans *UPDATE

This isn't good. The Associated Press is reporting that Fisker Automotive has stopped production of the Fisker Karma (*UPDATE: Not true, says Fisker PR: "We are currently producing 20-25 Karmas a day and will continue to do so.") and laid off 26 Delaware employees and 40 contractors in California. The carmaker is reportedly looking to conserve cash while attempting to renegotiate loans granted by the Department of Energy. *UPDATE: We have gotten a statement from Fisker about the situation, which

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