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33Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz steps down, Bernhard Koehler steps in

The position of CEO of Fisker has once changed hands. In early 2012, company co-founder Henrik Fisker stepped down and Tom LaSorda took the position. LaSorda gave it up in August of that year to former Chevy Volt honcho Tony Posawatz. It's now twelve months later, and Posawatz is reportedly leaving for, we assume, greener pastures. Taking his place will be company co-founder Bernhard Koehler.

17New Fisker CEO, Tony Posawatz, was lead director of Chevy Volt

Tony Posawatz is a familiar face in the green car world, having played a prominent and public role in the development of the Chevrolet Volt as the vehicle line director for GM's plug-in hybrid. Today, we learn that Posawatz – who retired from GM last month – will be spending even more time with an extended range powertrain vehicle, the Fisker Karma. This is because Posawatz was just named the new CEO of Fisker, replacing Tom LaSorda, who has only been in that position since February.

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