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Firefighter cuts up a Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery


Firefighter cutting open crash-tested Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery


Work vehicles at Chicago Auto Show – Click above for high-res image gallery


BMW X6 xDrive50i Ambulance – Click above for a high-res image gallery


Crash safety ratings are a big selling point – who's going to buy a car with just two stars? In pursuit of salable collision performance, automakers have turned to stronger metals and better construction, and consumers can reap the benefit by choosing from a panoply of highly rated vehicles. A problem arises, however, if that safety design is ever called upon to perform. Lots of vehicles now sport high strength steel in critical areas like roof pillars, and while it certainly helps protect


In a smart little initiative, GM is targeting fire/rescue personnel by offering a special First Responder package on the HUMMER H3. Here's the deal: firefighters and rescue workers associated with fire departments who buy or lease an H3 between October 1 and December 31, 2006 will receive the First Responder package for free.

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