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    Report: 34-car UK pileup kills seven... are fireworks to blame? [w/video]

    Police in the UK have begun investigating the cause of a 34-vehicle pileup on the country's M5. The fiery collision claimed the lives of seven motorists and saw an additional 51 individuals injured. Of those, 42 were treated at local hospitals. According to BBC News, a subsequent investigation ...

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    Video: Jeep driver with homemade turret intended to shoot protest fireworks on National Mall

    It's not the Call of Duty Jeep, but Glenn Neff and his Jeep Grand Cherokee were captured in Maryland ready for battle. Police found the Jeep outfitted with a homemade turret and awful lot of fireworks. Neff's apparent plan? To launch a fireworks barrage upon the National Mall to bring attention ...

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    VIDEO: Why? Dude blows up diecast cars in slow-mo

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We'll tell you exactly why, because it's a lot of fun. We know, because we had a similar experience in late adolescence, but we used GI Joe vehicles (even the awesome hovercraft) and firecrackers. But what we didn't have back then was a 600 fps ...


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