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    Geneva 2009: Fioravanti LF1 design a study for cost-cutting and clipping apexes

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Fioravanti LF1
    Cost cutting is the driving force behind...well, everything these days, but Formula One especially. Several of the automakers still in F1 raced into the Geneva Motor Show with their latest single-seaters, more of which we'll have for you ...

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    Geneva Preview: Caparo-baiting Fioravanti concept draws nigh

    Fioravanti has made a habit of showing interesting things at the Geneva Motor Show. This year it will reportedly be the LF1, a car built to demonstrate the application of Formula 1 design and build techniques to a production vehicle. Done up like the Caparo T1's open-air cousin, the LF1 doesn't ...

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    Fioravanti-designed Ferrari SP1 first product of Portfolio coachbuilding program

    You remember that mystery Ferrari prototype that was spied at Fiorano back in August? After initial speculation settled down, the prevailing wisdom suggested that the car in question was a one-off coachbuilt creation designed by former Pininfarina (and now independent) stylist Fioravanti for one ...

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    Fioravanti coachbuilt Ferrari F430 spied at Fiorano

    The automotive web lit up this weekend with speculation over a mysterious Ferrari photographed running development laps around the Fiorano test track.. While some suggest this could be the successor to either the F430 or the Enzo, observers were confused by the complete lack of any apparent ...

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    Fioravanti to show off Thalia concept in Geneva

    Over at the Motor Trend Blog, the fellas have posted on Italian coachbuilder Fioravanti's planned Geneva concept car, the Thalia. Little is known about it, but the released sketch suggests the wagonoid is a combination of "The Homer" and a very aerodynamic Popemobile, with a dash of vintage Amtrak ...

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    Smart tires get smarter: Pirelli to chip tires for better performance

    It seems like everywhere you look nowadays there's a microchip being put into objects and applications that would have seemed like science fiction a decade or two ago. Nowhere is that more noticeable than in the automotive world, with all the electronic gadgetry on today's cars and trucks. Ask old ...


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