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AddHelsinki could make owning your own car a thing of the past

One Account Would Access Carsharing, Public Transport, More

Helsinki, Finland is no stranger to transportation alternatives. From EV testing to a solid public transportation system, the northern European city knows that private cars are not the only option to get around. In the future, though, private cars might not be a logical option at anyone living there.

15Watch this lead sled go rallying in Finland

Custom cars generally fit into neat little boxes in terms of how they are used. For example, you're unlikely to see a modded Corvette going rock crawling; it's just not what it's made for (though we bet it'd look awesome, at least for a minute). In the same way, chopped, channeled and customized '50s hot rods aren't really meant to go racing. They look great and go fast, but they are generally more cruisers than sports cars.

30Finnish spraying reindeer antlers with glow-in-the-dark paint to curb accidents [w/video]

Drivers throughout the US are familiar with the dangers of deer crossing the road, especially at night. A 2012 report from State Farm Insurance found that from 2011-2012, there were 1.23 million deer/vehicle collisions in the US, and the stakes are even higher for those in areas with larger species of Cervidae. Just ask drivers from Finland, who have a serious problem with reindeer. So... how could we make these accidents more avoidable? The Finnish Reindeer Herder's Association thinks it has fo

27Finnish police get a Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

We may know Mercedes as a luxury marque here, but in Europe, the Silver Star also adorns more utilitarian vehicles, from taxis to buses to trucks. Still, no matter where you are in the world, the CLS-Class is more about form than function, but that hasn't stopped the Finnish police from drafting one in duty.

9Spyker B6 Venator Spyder arrives November 2014 at $150,000

We met up with the well travelled Victor Muller at The Quail gathering at Monterey and talked turkey regarding the re-entry of Spyker production cars in the United States. He was showing off the running prototype of his new B6 Venator Spyder with 375-horsepower supercharged V6.

AddBiofore concept car is a plant-laden, sustainable ride

Old-school surfers have a special place in their heart for the classic paneled station wagons affectionately referred to as "woodies." Now, some folks in Finland are looking to put a new spin on the term with what it says will be the ultimate "green" vehicle.

46Are these the most epic diesel-powered burnouts ever?

Here in the States, we generally think of diesel-powered vehicles in one of two ways. First, there are the gigantor pickups with their loud and burly turbodiesel engines. Second, there are the diesel fuel misers, such as Volkswagen's stable of TDI mobiles.

69Subaru Legacy that spent 3 months at bottom of Finnish lake starts on first try

"Ja, that ice'll hold ya." Until it didn't, and suddenly a man's 1996 Legacy wagon was at the bottom of a shallow lake in Finland. Three months later, the Subaru wagon was dragged from its freshwater slumber, and while most people would just write the car off or at most turn it into a parts donor, curiosity got the better of the rescue squad.

9Lotus-Renault won't let Kimi Raikkonen contest Rally Finland

The Formula One team formerly known as Renault and currently racing under the Lotus banner is still feeling the absence of its star driver Robert Kubica. The Polish driver, as you may recall, was severely injured when he crashed his Skoda Fabia S2000 in a rally in Italy two years ago. And now the driver who's keeping his seat warm wants to go rallying, too, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

AddFinland-built electric car reaches 156 miles per hour on ice

If a car screams across a sheet of ice at such a high speed that the ice is being melted to water, is the car really driving on ice?

AddFisker's latest Karma problems? Vehicles stuck at sea *UPDATE

How many ways can a car be delayed? For the Fisker Karma, the answer is: a lot. Following all sorts of problems in getting the luxury plug-in hybrid to market (to say nothing of the price increases and the two insta-recalls), Fisker's latest problem is, apparently, having finished vehicles that are stuck at the border just waiting to come into the U.S. (The Karma is built at the Valmet factory in Finland.)

41World's fastest slot car race is oddly mesmerizing

The Finnish aren't known for their high-energy personas, and we thought it might be because they save their adrenaline dumps for rally cars and snowmobiles. Turns out they also like to let their slot cars showcase hidden Type A personalities.

2JJ Lehto sentenced to jail for speedboat crash

You'd think that a professional driver's skills would be universal. You'd also think that the rules regarding drinking and driving would apply the same to the water as they would to the road. But as it turns out neither is necessarily the case.

AddNeste Oil Rally Finland fueled by NExBTL 100 Green biodiesel

When the World Rally Championship rolled into Finland at the end of July for the 2011 Neste Oil Rally Finland, some 29 of the 124 vehicles entered in the tail-out, gravel-throwing event were fueled by Neste Oil's NExBTL renewable diesel. Running solely on Neste Green 100 diesel, Neste says the vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions were cut in half during the three-day event. Jarmo Mahonen, managing director of AKK Sports Oy, said:

AddReport: Gas prices in Finland to soar above $9 per gallon

Us Americans typically complain when gasoline prices begin to rise, but at the current U.S. average of $3.09 per gallon, fuel here is a raging bargain. At least, it is if you compare to what drivers pay over in Finland. Even though some reports suggest gas will go over $5 a gallon in the U.S. in 2012, a liter of E10 gasoline over in Finland is expected to soar to 1.80 euros by the end of the upcoming summer. What does that mean in U.S. measurements? About $9.13 per gallon. Yeah.

AddFinland hopes to build world's first carbon-neutral green highway

While it's easy for us to suggest that the car-buying public should adopt cleaner, alternative-fuel vehicles, the fact that a supporting infrastructure for many of these new technologies does not yet exist makes widespread adoption uncertain. Finland hopes to change the infrastructure-free trend by building out a carbon-neutral green highway that will feature charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and biofuel pumps along an 81-miles stretch of road spanning from the city of Turku to Vaali

AddFinnish company Pegasor introduces real-time particulate sensor for diesel engines

Biodiesel is still in limbo here in the U.S., but even if we never return to large scale production, at least diesel vehicles can continue to get cleaner on their own. The latest example of cleaner diesel tech news comes from Finland, where Pegasor Ltd. has introduced a new, compact, continuously operating and real-time particulate matter (PM) sensor, known as PPS-M. Pegasor, which sounds like the name of really bitchin' one-legged T-Rex, says that the sensor can be installed in the engine exhau

45VIDEO: Ten minutes of rally crashes devoid of butt-rock soundtrack

Finns crashing with pure engine sounds - Click above to watch the video

22VIDEO: Finnish Him: Nordic authorities' harpoon chase-ender amazingly never approved

Finnish police car chase harpoon -- Click above to watch video

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