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    GM launches new campaign to ease credit worries

    After announcing earlier this week that GMAC would only finance customers who hold credit scores higher than 700, General Motors has decided it would be prudent to reassure consumers that they are still in the business of securing loans and selling vehicles. Starting Friday, GM will launch a ...

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    Get your 2009 Dodge Rams with zero-percent financing

    UPDATE: We've been informed that the 0% financing for 72 months offer is only available for the 2008 Dodge Ram. Financing details for the 2009 Dodge Ram will be announced at a later date.The 2009 Dodge Ram appears to be a top-notch competitor in the light truck market, but that won't keep the ...

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    GM intros incentives for full-size trucks

    This is possibly the least shocking news of the day when you consider that the housing market, which fuels the full-size pickup segment, is in a slump and gas prices are rising once again. Nevertheless, General Motors must respond to market pressures, and in the wake of Silverado sales that fell 7% ...

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    March Madness: GM brings back 0% financing and cash rebates

    General Motors has decided to bring back 0% and reduced-rate financing on many of its models to save its sales efforts for March. No doubt the General is keen on putting up positive numbers for the month to compliment the other bits of good news that have signaled its turnaround may have turned the ...

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    Toyota puts first incentives on the Prius

    Though not many noticed, Toyota employed the use of incentives to increase sales of its Prius hybrid for the first time ever in January. The incentives varied around the country and included low lease payments, cheap financing and cash back to dealers for each unit sold. Automotive News reports ...

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    Riding out the storm: Ford applies for $18 billion restructuring package

    Ford announced today that it plans to acquire a financing package worth a heady $18 billion. The extra money will ensure that Ford survives the next couple of years while Alan Mulally and company attempt to turn the automaker around and bring profits back to the Blue Oval. Automotive News reports ...

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    Bad Credit? No Credit? Chrysler doesn't care either

    Anything you can do, I can do better... so sang Bingo and so says DaimlerChrysler to Ford. In the battle for customers, Ford had extended its 0% financing deal to sub-prime candidates for the first time last month. Now Chrysler is doing the same for those clamoring for a Commander. Zero-percent ...

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    Chrysler turns to 0% financing as Employee Pricing ends

    Chrysler summer-long Employee Pricing incentive ends today and is being replaced by a good old fashion Zero Percent Financing deal. The new deal applies to all 2006 models, which means Chrysler is eager to reduce the inventory of its dealers to make room for a flood of new products it plans on ...

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    Chrysler kicks off Employee Pricing Plus with 30-day guarantee and 0% financing

    Today the Chrysler Group announced that all customers would be eligible for employee pricing on qualifying 2006 and select 2005 model year Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles as of July 1st. The Employee Pricing Plus program also offers customers zero percent financing for 36 months on most models ...

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    June sales not so hot

    General Motors is expected to take the biggest hit in June, though last year's numbers are skewed a bit due to a certain fire sale. Gas prices are reportedly the biggest culprit, spurring consumers to buy Japanese and turning Toyota and Honda into big winners -- in fact, Toyota expects to be ...

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    GM announces 0% financing for 72 months on most models

    The summer sales drive has begun and General Motors has made the first move. As we reported last week, GM has confirmed that beginning June 29th and lasting only for 72 hours, it will offer 0% financing on most of its vehicles for up to six years, which also happens to be 72 months.Most Chevy, GMC, ...

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    Ford announces zero-percent financing on Escape/Mariner hybrids

    Ford Motor Company announced Thursday that it is rolling out a zero-percent financing incentive program for its Escape and Mariner Hybrids.The plan offers zero-percent financing for 60 months, or a $500 down payment-matching cash incentive. Ford launched the program in ...


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