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    Former President Bush asks Obama to exit the car business

    When Former President George W. Bush spoke to the Montreal Board of Trade recently, he made a public appeal to the Obama administration to "get out of the private sector," adding "I hope our government gets out of the autos and the financials in which they have a stake." His premise is that it ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler Financial to wind down by 2011, executive pay, well, not so much

    Cerberus submitted its plans for Chrysler Financial to the U.S. Treasury, and then in an announcement that came as a surprise to Cerberus itself, the Treasury said that Chrysler Financial would be shutting down by December 31, 2011. The lending arm paid back its $1.5 billion loan from the ...

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    REPORT: Nissan ready to say "Mission Accomplished" on recovery work

    Some companies respond to "losing money at a frightening pace" by studying the problem at length as they continue to lose more money, by asking for more money or, in the worst cases, not doing anything at all. Nissan didn't do any of those things: after posting a loss of $2.4 billion in the ...

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    REPORT: 'Old' Chrysler defaulting on loan obligations

    Before there was a Motors Liquidation Co, post-bankruptcy GM's hived-off shelter for useless assets, there was Old Carco LLC. That's the company Chrysler built to house its useless assets, and unsurprisingly, it doesn't have good news for unsecured creditors. Old Carco was left with liabilities ...

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    Tata gets private-sector loan, doesn't need UK government money

    Tata's target was £1 billion ($1.65B U.S.) in loans to keep the JLR group going. And while Tata is in talks with the U.K government about providing a large chunk of that, some of the government's terms -- like veto power over management decisions-- prevented Tata from pulling the trigger. ...

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    REPORT: New GM entitled to $16 billion in federal tax breaks courtesy of Old GM

    Due to what appears to be a slight (additional) bending of the rules, the "new," post-bankruptcy General Motors has been allowed to carry the $16 billion net operating loss that was created by the "old" GM. That means that New GM will not have to pay taxes on its profits for a while, because the ...

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    REPORT: VW leans on Porsche, Porsche responds, "We will not accept extortion."

    Porsche maintains it still has its mojo, but Volkswagen is treating the company like Porsche's got lunch money and VW is hungry. VW -- which Porsche effectively owns -- loaned Porsche €700 million ($983.8 million) earlier this year, with Porsche due to pay it back in September. As collateral ...

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    REPORT: Daimler, Porsche dismiss talks of stake as "speculation"

    Daimler's Dieter Zetsche has called 2009 a "Darwin year" for the car business, with the weak and the lame being pulled down by larger forces. Surprisingly, Porsche was one of those businesses that nearly went under, and it has been looking for help almost anywhere it could get it. Reuters says that ...

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    GM grants reprieve to 30 dealers, reviewing more

    General Motors wants to shrink its dealer network by around 2,500 outlets and has sent closure notices to more than a thousand already. Still, the General has left a door open that allows affected dealers to appeal the decision and show proof of why they should not be cut from the herd. According ...

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    Dealer Bailout: Chrysler to redistribute all new inventory

    After the suggestion of Congressional hearings on the matter, Chrysler's Jim Press assured Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) that Chrysler dealers with leftover inventory after June 9 would "receive a fair and equitable value." It appears that Chrysler is making good on that promise. The ...

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    Chrysler bankruptcy taken to Supreme Court by unhappy shareholders

    As the movie Hoosiers amply demonstrated, Indiana natives don't quit. That's also true for three Indiana state pension funds who have fought Chrysler's bankruptcy all the way to the federal appeals court in New York and, having lost their case there, are filing papers with the Supreme Court ...

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    FOLLOWUP: Chrysler, Fiat reportedly agree to honor lemon law claims

    On a recent episode of The Chrysler Files, customers who purchased Chrysler vehicles that were later officially certified as lemons were being reimbursed by the company with checks... that bounced. The snafu stemmed from the fact that while said claims were made before Chrysler's bankruptcy, after ...

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    REPORT: GM bondholders give go-ahead to revamped deal, bankruptcy still expected

    Yesterday, General Motors and its bondholders had officially called it quits, and GM was headed for a certain and certain-to-be-rocky bankruptcy. Today, according to a company filing, The General and the necessary chunk of its bondholders have come to an agreement, and the company looks to be ...

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    GM and Chrysler CEOs called to D.C. to explain dealer closings

    The situations with GM and Chrysler are beginning to look like what happens after a fumble in an NFL game: a dozen men pile on top of each other all trying to get the ball. The difference in the case of GM and Chrysler is there are far more than two teams struggling for the prize. The latest to hop ...

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    Look Who's Talking Again: Porsche, VW resume negotiations

    The way things read, Porsche might not have to get a merger deal done with Volkswagen, but it would appear to be in the carmaker's best interests if it does. The holdup seems to be Porsche – since VW still doesn't know what Porsche's financial situation is, talks broke down earlier this week. ...

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    Who are Chrysler's top ten creditors? The answer may surprise you

    Chrysler's top ten creditors are owed about $400 million, and the top two creditors account for nearly $130 million of that. The company first in line for payment is Ohio Module, which is a subsidiary of Hyundai Mobis, which is in turn a publicly traded subsidiary of Hyundai. Ohio Module makes ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler affidavits reveal crippling problems that hurt chances for success post-bankruptcy

    History could eventually reveal that Chrysler declaring bankruptcy may have just been the easy part. According to CNN, affidavits taken from Chrysler engineers and executives do a pretty good job of showing that things will get really tough when it's time for the automaker to start making cars ...

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    Chrysler bankruptcy lawyers reportedly ask to be paid up-front

    Attorneys from Jones Day law firm representing Chrysler during bankruptcy have taken the unusual step of asking the judge to "give their fees special priority." Two reasons have been hypothesized for the move: the lawyers don't think there will be any money for trade debts from the leftover pieces ...

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    Carlos Ghosn vows he won't depart Nissan until it returns to profitability?

    Carlos Ghosn became Nissan's chief operating officer in 1999, initially declared that he would remain in the job for a maximum of ten years. At the time, Nissan had $13 billion in debt, a history of losses, and an almost completely forgettable product lineup. Now, on the eve of his ten-year ...

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    Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston parent company reportedly defaults on $100M Islamic bond

    Investment Dar, the Kuwaiti firm that owns part of Aston Martin, has reportedly defaulted on payment for a $100 million Islamic bond that was due on April 27. In the process, Bloomberg says it has become the first Persian Gulf company to default on an Islamic bond. In December of last year, Dar was ...


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