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    Report: Lawsuit could unravel New GM

    A lawsuit that pits hedge funds against creditors is going to trial today, and the outcome could threaten to unravel "New General Motors." In the lawsuit, a trust for Motors Liquidation Co., better known as "Old GM," alleges that certain hedge funds took advantage of a last-minute opportunity ...

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    Tesla reports increased revenue, but loses money on Model S development

    Tesla Motors is happy with its third quarter results, which boast a 10 percent increase in revenue from last quarter's $28.4 million to $31.2 million, an improved gross margin of 30 percent from 22 percent previously, and a net loss of $34.9 million compared to its second quarter figure of $38.5 ...

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    REPORT: Visteon seeking to end pensions of 21,000 workers, retirees

    Visteon, the automotive supplier currently going through bankruptcy proceedings, is seeking to rid itself of pension obligations for 21,000 current workers and retirees. It wouldn't mean the end of pensions for the workers, but the payments would be taken over by the Pension Benefit Guaranty ...

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    REPORT: GM offering special discounts to rejected franchise customers, move angers dealer group

    Realizing that one of its keys to survival is retaining existing owners, General Motors is proactively enticing nearly one million customers – those loyal to now-closed dealerships – with significant financial incentives. According to Automotive News, GM started sending 950,000 ...

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    REPORT: German union leader calls on Porsche CEO to end ego trip, merge with VW

    Volkswagen labor union chief Bernd Osterloh has called out Porsche's CEO for holding up a merger between the two German automakers: "Together, one could do a whole lot of more things if [Wendelin] Wiedeking would end his ego trip." Osterloh believes Wiedeking is standing in the way of a tie-up with ...

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    GM Canada workers approve contract concessions

    The Canadian Auto Workers union has ratified a new contract with General Motors that should help substantially reduce the automaker's operating costs in Canada. The template of the agreement is very similar to the one reached here in the U.S. between Ford and the UAW recently. CAW said 87% of its ...

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    Does Washington's GMAC bailout hurt Ford?

    The Wall Street Journal puts forth the case that the government's $5 billion lifeline to GMAC has given GMAC a competitive advantage compared to its rivals. After the taxpayer cash was received, GMAC dropped the required credit score to get a loan and began offering 0% financing on several models, ...

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    Deadline passes without word on critical GMAC bond-exchange vote

    GMAC, General Motors' finance arm, was granted bank holding status, but there is still no word on whether the bond buyback was successful. The deadline for GMAC to have converted enough of its bonds - said to be 75 percent - into $28 billion in liquidity was on Friday, December 26, at 11:59 p.m. In ...

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    Chrysler Financial turns the screws on dealers

    It's not getting any easier to be a Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealer. Last month, when Chrysler Financial asked banks and investors to renew their $30 billion line of credit, they came up about $6 billion short. To make matters worse, the investors forced the automaker to follow much tighter financial ...

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    Spyker courts European investors

    If you're a regular reader here on Autoblog, it should come as no surprise that Spyker is in deep financial trouble. The exotic Dutch carmaker was forced to sell off its F1 team, cancel the production of the C12 Zagato supercar and even mortgage its own name. Never content to go quietly into the ...

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    Cerberus could align GMAC and Chrysler Financial

    No one knows yet what Cerberus is going to do with Chrysler. However, the possibilities probably include quite a few things that wouldn't be normally expected in the car business -- such as GMAC and Chrysler Financial working closely together. Cerberus hasn't made any mention of such, yet -- that ...

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    GM makes a buck in Q4 2006

    General Motors reported its delayed fourth quarter earnings today and, lo and behold, managed to earn a net income of $950 million in the waning months of 2006. Compare that with last year's Q4 loss of $6.6 billion, and today's news is all the more incredible. Again, those tricky one-time items ...

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    Magna confirms interest in Chrysler, visits Auburn Hills

    The ups and downs of the rumored Chrysler sale are a better soap opera than NASCAR. Now, Magna International, one of the reported suitors, has confirmed that the supplier is interested in exploring the purchase of the Chrysler group and has recently met with officials at the automaker. The main ...

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    Homewreckin' Shareholders want to split DaimlerChrysler

    The "merger" at DaimlerChrysler never really came off as a good idea. We put "merger" in quotation marks because no one ever really bought it as a marriage of equals, but saw it for what it always was: Daimler-Benz taking over Chrysler. Whatever way you spin it, though, it was never a match made in ...

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    By The Numbers: June 2006 - UPDATE 2

    Most of the numbers for the month of June are in, and as you can see the red arrows outnumber the green ones yet again. Eighteen out of the 39 automakers below are reporting a rise in June sales over the same period last year. The 25.9% drop in sales by General Motors has attracted the most ...

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    Mitsubishi Motor's May finances

    Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has posted its sales, unit production, and exports across various markets for the month of May. Worldwide production went up 4.2 percent compared to May 2005, buttressed by the European and North American (NA) segments. The latter, especially, experienced strong growth due ...

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    General Motors and Suzuki officially loosen ties

    Confirming rumors that we reported first late last month, General Motors and Suzuki will not be working together to sell cars in Japan anymore, nor will the two automakers follow through with the partnership undertaken in 2001 on development of some new vehicles. A Suzuki spokesperson says ...


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