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    Report: Fiat to debut new Ellezero crossover in Geneva

    While European buyers took to the Fiat 500 like a proverbial fish to water, American buyers have not, by and large, followed suit with quite the same vigor. But the next product in the pipeline from the Italian automaker could stand to change the brand's fortunes on this side of the Atlantic with ...

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    Report: Fiat likely to miss 50,000 U.S. sales target due to slow dealer openings

    Turns out Fiat may have been a wee bit ambitious in setting a 50,000-unit goal for the first year that its diminutive 500 hatchback and convertible have been on sale in the United States. Through the month of July, Fiat had sold a total of 7,982 500s in the States in 2011. That figure includes ...

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    Cities under consideration for Fiat 500 sales outlets listed?

    Fiat 500 receives a model introduction – click above for high-res image gallery
    We've been anxiously awaiting the availability of Fiat's 500 bubble bauble in the States for so long that we're beginning to feel like we're waiting for Godot and that the four-wheeled confection will never ...

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    First U.S.-market Fiat 500 Prima Edizione reserved for Fiat fans

    Fiat 500 gathering at Biltmore Estate – Click above for high-res image gallery and follow the jump for video
    There was undoubtedly some freaking out at the annual Fiat Freakout held at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC this year. The Freakout is more respectably referred to as the annual ...

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    Vote for the Chrysler Fiat 500's U.S. logo

    Earlier this week, a Dutch auto dealer plastered the Dodge – rather, Ram – logo on a Fiat 500. It looked pretty bad. Now, Fiat USA is offering Yanks a chance to choose a more conventional logo for the cute little bugger, and thankfully, the mountain mammal doesn't factor into the ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler products from Fiat could be here in 18 months

    Fiat 500 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Will we see a new line of Fiats in America in just 18 months? According to Chrysler vice chairman and president Tom LaSorda, the answer is "yes." Responding to reports that some analysts predict it will take upwards of three years before the ...

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    Fiat 500 makes trek across America

    Click to see the little Fiat's big adventure in hi-res The jury in Turin might still be out on whether to export the miniscule Fiat 500 to North America, but one adventurer got tired of waiting and took things into his own hands. Jim Magill shipped a Cinquecento from Northern Ireland to New York ...


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