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fiat freemont

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    Frankfurt: Fiat Freemont Black Code is about as Italian as apple pie

    We're going to go ahead and give the marketing wizards at Fiat the benefit of the doubt, and say that they didn't have some regrettable American history in mind when they dubbed the latest iteration of the Dodge Journey Fiat Freemont "Black Code." Suffice it to say that such a special edition ...

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    Report: Rebadged Dodge, Chrysler model sales a mixed bag in Europe

    Fiat, in an attempt to make its purchase of Chrysler more profitable, has been marketing rebadged Dodge and Chrysler models in Europe with mixed results. Europeans apparently love the Fiat Freemont, known as a Dodge Journey here in the States. Fiat sold almost 6,500 of the crossovers over there ...

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    Report: Fiat pushing Chrysler to boost Freemont/Journey production

    Fiat has reportedly requested that Chrysler boost production at its Toluca, Mexico plant that builds the recently renovated Dodge Journey and new Fiat Freemont, itself basically a Journey wearing the Fiat emblem with the addition of a diesel engine and revised suspension tuning. According to ...

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    Official: Fiat Freemont (Italy's Dodge Journey) configurator now online

    We saw the Fiat Freemont first at this past March's Geneva Motor Show, and the newly pleasant people carrier's configurator has just hit the intertubes in Italian. An English-language version for the UK market isn't happening yet, so you'll have to have fun seeing what Europe can get on its Dodge ...

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    Report: Fiat to up stake in Chrysler to 30 percent

    Fiat currently owns 25 percent of Chrysler, but that stake will reportedly jump to 30 percent in the next couple weeks. Automotive News reports that the Italian automaker is weeks away from satisfying additional requirements needed to bump the ownership stake by another five percent. Unnamed ...

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    Report: Dodge Journey to be rebadged a Fiat in Europe

    2011 Dodge Journey - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Dodge Journey has been given a much-needed makeover for 2011, with a new V6 and a significantly improved interior. That's good news for Dodge dealers here in the States, but according to Autoweek it isn't such a great deal for Dodge ...


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