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62Fiat increases Chrysler stake to 58.5%

How important is the forthcoming 2013 Dodge Dart to the future of Chrysler? Well, it allowed Fiat to boost its stake in Chrysler for the fifth time in the past year today, adding five percent to bring Fiat's total ownership to 58.5 percent.

AddChrysler's Fiat-based compacts could arrive here sooner than expected

Fiat Bravo – Click above for high-res image gallery

59Chrysler split over which CAD software to use

Anyone that's ever tried to get divergent computer systems to play nice knows that it's not a trivial matter. And when two automakers come together, getting everyone on the same page is both enormously difficult and critically important if the enterprise is to succeed. Chrysler is all too familiar with lackluster enterprises thanks to failed marriage to Daimler, and with it's recent Italian tie-up, the (software) language barrier could cause some problems.

AddReport: Fiat MultiAir technology coming to Chrysler engines

Fiat's MultiAir technology is quite the breakthrough, even though few stories point out just how remarkable this technology really is. Let's see here: there's a 20 to 30 percent increase in fuel economy on top of a 10 percent increase in power and no downsides like turbo lag, huge cost increases or insanely expensive after-treatments. Sounds like a breakthrough worthy of recognition to us. We're geeked to find out that the MultiAir technology will make its way over to Chrysler engines, too.

AddBetter Place looks to Fiat-Chrysler for its next partnership

Dodge Circuit EV concept - Click above for a high-res gallery

71Obama announces Chrysler bankruptcy, deal with Fiat; Nardelli out soon *UPDATED

President Obama has just concluded a televised press conference where he announced that Chrysler will indeed head into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings almost immediately. As part of the same announcement, he noted that the Auburn Hills automaker has reached terms with Fiat and will be headed into a partnership agreement that will include a cash infusion and technology transfers. By some estimates, the restructuring is expected to take 30-to-60 days.

AddChrysler restructuring plan places heavy emphasis on hopeful Fiat models

Click above for a gallery of slides outlining Chrysler's planned alliance with Fiat

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